• Solutionbuggy provides the most trusted and verified engineering, industrial and manufacturing projects across all industries with best project management skills.

  • Working strategically with high profile organizations across engineering, industrial and manufacturing sectors, Solutionbuggy takes the time to understand the requirements and get the right projects through various channels.

  • A dedicated person to procure projects has the specialist knowledge and industry expertise needed to get the best industry projects onto the platform.

  • SolutionBuggy provides a platform to connect the industry, consultants and suppliers. Since the intent is to get the right projects to the deserving consultants, there is no commission or hidden charges that have to be paid.

  • Pay only subscription charges irrespective of the billing that the consultant will charge to the industry. This allows consultant to earn fees on his own terms and work based on his individual capabilities.

  • SolutionBuggy helps a consultant to reach out to manufacturing industries across the country without having to spend on personal branding. Since the platform has more than 50000 industries registered, a consultant is able to create a good branding and recognition amongst the prominent industries in his domain.

  • The platform not only increases repeat business but also helps a industrial consultant to get word of mouth publicity.

  • SolutionBuggy was established with a sole intent to increase the connect between the industry and manufacturing consultants. This helps the consultants with right skillset to bag the projects with ease and get paid well for the projects.

  • Assurance to the consultant that he will not be short changed for the services provided to the industry.

  • Projects can range from small business manufacturing idea in India or an entire new plant setup, SolutionBuggy offers all ranges of projects across all manufacturing sector.

  • SolutionBuggy is an interactive platform that helps the manufacturing consultant to see and learn more about the projects and if there is a right match, he can apply to the project.

  • The industrial consultants can browse and look at all the projects, within his domain and only if suitable for his expertise, he can apply to the same. This makes it very transparent to the consultants to apply to a project confidently.

  • Since most projects are short term assignments, the manufacturing consultants can be rest assured of bagging more assignments within a subscription year.