Month: April 2018

Benefits of Lean Manufacturing to SME/MSME

The Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) are a vital part of the Indian economy contributing to over 45% of industrial production and around 40% of the total exports, forming 8% of GDP and employing over 50 million…

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How can new manufacturing industries benefit by integrated C&F facilities.

In this complex day-to-day operation of an industrial or manufacturing plant, managers always try to look out for best ways to cut cost in the key areas. It includes infrastructure improvement, plant downtime, keeping track of various isolated…

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Top 5 Breakthrough Innovations in the Food Industry

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In the current technological era, consumers expect innovative solutions and products almost in every industry Food industry is one such industry that has of late, started utilizing technology to shake up the archaic practices. Here are the Top…

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