Start-ups in Aerospace & Defence Sector

Aerospace and Defence

Over the last ten years, India has emerged as one of the strongest start-up centres for the world- driven by factors such as cultural change, vast talent pool, access to funding, consolidation, evolving technology and strong domestic market….

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Beyond offsets: From Low Cost Advantage To Global Market Entry

Aerospace & Defense

Indian companies planning to grow using defence offsets can leverage this opportunity for entering global aerospace & defence business and create sustainable competitive advantage by strategizing beyond parochial boundaries of domestic business. Excitement has been prevailing since DPP…

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Innovation in Aerospace & Defense (A&D) Industry

Aerospace & defence projects

Aerospace & Defense industry has been key sector for driving innovations globally. It has instigated innovations that have broader implications and in many cases have affected day to day life in a positive manner. AI, GPS navigation, commercial…

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