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A Quick Guide To Implement Low Cost Automation


Process Automation is an age old concept and has been helping industries evolve a cost effective operations model. The process to be automated can be core or peripheral only and can be done in weeks or can take…

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PM Modi Announces MSME’s Loan up to 1 Crore In 59 Minutes:

Image source: https://thelogicalindian.com/ How the plan will help MSME sector. Who are the beneficiaries? How it will impact the manufacturing sector growth and GDP. Is the effect immediate? Will there be any misuse of funds and leakages etc…. On…

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Need for Project Management by SMEs in Manufacturing Industry.

Projects Management

Project Management is a discipline that can be applied to all fields and particularly in the manufacturing industry. In the manufacturing process it is quality and project lead time that are most crucial to propel any project forward….

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How to be a Freelance Consultant in Manufacturing Sector.

For starters who is a consultant and what does he do? A consultant helps a business in providing the owners services like advice, planning resources in order to help the organisation work better, for better profit margin and…

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Top 5 Challenges in Manufacturing Industries

Manufacturing industries have to generally face a host of issues relating to payment delays, inventory management and product quality failures. In addition to this some of the pertinent issues, the industry faces are:rers in manufacturing products are:- Regulatory…

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The Pros & Cons of Robotics

With a lot of emphasis on Make in India, manufacturing industry has been in a constant mode of change and updation. Latest technology updates are also changing the way the industries are working every day. These technologies have…

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6 things to make automotive startups customer oriented

Startups have become a new trend in our Indian society! Every second person is enacting a start up and Automotives haven’t been neglected.  With the increase in the production of the country, the automotive industry has also seen…

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How Auto Industry is Improving Momentum with Increasing Vehicle Demand

Experiencing a steady growth over the last few decades, the Indian auto industry is on the rise. Some of the contributing factors include a satisfied end-user market, improved consumer sentiment and return of adequate revenue to keep the…

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What’s coming in 2017? Experts predict big changes in 2017 for the manufacturing industry

Image source: Ref=cochawaii.org Manufacturing is a driving force for any of the developing or developed economy. The advancement that a country makes in manufacturing directly shadows on their GDP and that’s why it is a serious topic for discussion….

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