Semiconductor manufacturing

How To Start Semiconductor Manufacturing Plant in India?

The semiconductor manufacturing industry is witnessing a rapid growth rate, with semiconductors emerging as the basic building blocks of all modern technologies such as artificial intelligence(AI), 5G network, electric vehicles, Internet of Things(IOT), etc. Semiconductor manufacturing is extremely important to overall electronics industry because they are an essential component of…

Govt. Approves PLI Scheme for White Goods and Solar PV Modules

As a part of mission Atmanirbhar Bharat, the Union Cabinet yesterday approved the PLI scheme for white goods and high efficiency solar photovoltaic (PV) modules with an outlay of 10,738 Crore. The white goods segment which consists of air conditioners and LED lights, was given Rs. 6,238 Crore and the…
Electronics Manufacturing

How Can Electronics Manufacturing Contribute $1 Trillion to India’s Economy by 2025?

“Electronics manufacturing alone can contribute USD 1 trillion to India’s economy by 2025,” said Ravi Shankar Prasad, the Minister of Communications, Electronics and Information Technology, at an event organized by ASSOCHAM. The manufacturing of electronic devices including mobile phones and components, laptops, tablets and TVs has the potential to contribute…
PCB Manufacturing Industry

PCB Manufacturing: A Great Opportunity for MSMEs in India

India is one of the largest and fast-growing electronics markets in the APAC region. The demand for PCBs which find application in almost every electronic product right from computers, laptops, smartphones to industrial equipment, medical devices, etc. has been increasing substantially in India over the past decade. The PCB market…

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