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Best Manufacturing Business Ideas in 2021


The year 2020, which saw the widespread outbreak of coronavirus, has been very challenging for people across the world in many aspects. Till date, coronavirus has led to the death of around 1.45 million people in the world….

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Top 10 Manufacturing Business Ideas in India

Manufacturing business ideas

Indian manufacturing industry is a major pillar of the economy, contributing to 18% of the country’s GDP. As per the government reports, the manufacturing industry in India is expected to become USD 1 trillion by 2025. Indian manufacturing…

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How to Start Paper Bag Manufacturing Business in India?

How to start paper manufacturing business

Paper bag manufacturing is one of the best manufacturing business ideas today considering the high demand for paper bags in the market. The paper bags are being used by a large number of businesses these days for their…

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Top 5 Business Ideas Post COVID Lockdown

business ideas

China has been the largest Manufacturing Hub over the last few years, however due to the situations playing out in the global market over the last year considering the stand off between US and China, the oil price…

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