Women Entrepreneurs in India: A Great Untapped Potential

Women Entrepreneurs

Women form the bedrock of Indian society since ancient times. Ours is a country that always revered women and placed them on the highest rank in society with equal rights. India granted women the right to vote without…

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Top Five Manufacturing Technology Trends in 2021

Manufacturing is one of the emerging sectors across the world. With advancements in terms of technology, such as AI, Big Data, Cloud Computing, IoT, etc., the manufacturing industry is undergoing an unprecedented transformation. This rapid transformation has mandated…

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Challenges in Contract Manufacturing

Challenges in Contract Manufacturing

Contract manufacturing is one of the most popular business practices today. It is enabling businesses to reduce manufacturing costs and time-to-market of the products. Apart from the reduced overhead costs and time-to-market, it also offers many other benefits…

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What is the Role of Business Consultant in Success of a Business?

Business Consultant

A business consultant plays an important role in the success of a business. Business consultants help businesses implement the much-required changes to improve performance. They assist businesses in addressing their inherent challenges and provide actionable insights on various…

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Business Consulting Firms in India

Business Consulting Firms

Business consulting has gained importance over the years. There have been success stories where effective business consulting has transformed businesses and provided phenomenal and sustainable growth to the industry. There are several business consulting firms across the world….

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Custom Duty Hikes in Union Budget 2021-22 to Boost Domestic Manufacturing

Custom Duty Hike

The Finance Minister, Nirmala Sitharaman presented the budget in the parliament on Monday, amid huge expectations from all sections of people of India. The budget, which is worth INR 34,83,236 crores, is aimed at reviving the economy that…

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Koppal Toy Cluster to Propel Indian Toy Manufacturing Industry

Koppal Toy Cluster

Probably the time has come to bid farewell to the toys that are ‘Made in China’. India is all set to have its first toy cluster in Karnataka’s Koppal, a historic city with a great legacy in toy…

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Best Manufacturing Business Ideas in 2021

Manufacturing Business Ideas

The year 2020, which saw the widespread outbreak of coronavirus, has been very challenging for people across the world in many aspects. Till date, coronavirus has led to the death of around 1.45 million people in the world….

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How India’s Exit from RCEP can Help the Domestic Manufacturing Industry?

India’s Exit from RCEP

Image source: https://images.app.goo.gl/8EkU1RkoB48YWTaJ7 The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership, a new free trade agreement, was signed on 15th November, 2020 by 15 Asia-Pacific nations. The member states of RCEP together account for one-third of the global gross domestic product and…

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PLI Scheme to Boost Manufacturing in India

PLI Scheme

Over the last many years, successive Indian Governments have tried to improve India’s Balance of Trade and protect domestic industry by incentivizing exports and restricting imports. These have taken the form of Export incentives to try and boost…

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