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Custom Duty Hikes in Union Budget 2021-22 to Boost Domestic Manufacturing

Custom Duty Hike

The Finance Minister, Nirmala Sitharaman presented the budget in the parliament on Monday, amid huge expectations from all sections of people of India. The budget, which is worth INR 34,83,236 crores, is aimed at reviving the economy that…

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Rise of MSMEs in Food Sector

food industry consultant

MSMEs (Micro, Medium and Small enterprises) in India have tremendous potential to grow and contribute to the Indian economy. Long term partnerships with Indian MSMEs having good technical capabilities could not only provide a low-cost advantage but also…

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Key Government Benefits For The MSME-Sector

Get complete TAX benefits

With the current financial year coming to an end, most of the MSMEs will be in hectic preparation to make sure that their sales targets for the year are met. This also starts off the next financial year…

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Alert MSME’s Industries – Get Double Benefits by Implementing Lean Manufacturing and Getting 80% Subsidy on it.

lean manufacturing consultant

“The most dangerous kind of waste is the waste that we do not recognize.”- Shigeo Shingo- world’s leading expert on TPS and manufacturing process. We have often seen that MSMEs face inefficiencies due to incorrect process chains, high…

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How to Apply for MSME Loan in 59 Minutes


Image source: https://consumercomplaintscourt.com/ Need a loan without having to run around for banks? The new policy for MSMEs from the Prime Minister enables you to apply for a loan through your computer, it’s just a tap away. Click here…

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Benefits of Lean Manufacturing to SME/MSME

The Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) are a vital part of the Indian economy contributing to over 45% of industrial production and around 40% of the total exports, forming 8% of GDP and employing over 50 million…

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Here’s how small manufacturers are still the backbone of the community

Big organizations hoard the spotlight. Regardless of whether it’s the front page of the national daily papers or the news – huge business parallels huge news. Yet, shouldn’t something be said about those at the flip side of…

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National Capital Goods Policy: A Step In The Right Direction for SMEs

Capital Goods sector is famously called ‘the mother of all manufacturing industry’. What is a Capital Good? Explained simply, any good (plant/machinery/equipment) that is used in the manufacturing process of another good (either directly or indirectly) is called…

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How SolutionBuggy is solving the problems of Manufacturing Sector

More than 115 lakh manufacturing enterprises all over India command a 7.04% share in India’s GDP. India’s manufacturing industry is on rise and holds the potential to alleviate the economy out of its relative stagnancy. The ‘Make in…

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Mechanical problems faced by the small scale manufacturing sector

Small scale industries form the most important part of the Indian economy. Large scale industries may have been in the spotlight, but it’s the small scale ones that have a bigger chunk of the total manufacturing pie in…

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