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India’s large domestic market and favorable government policies have created an ideal environment to launch startups. Currently, India has more than 62,000 startups recognized by the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT) and 101 startups have achieved unicorn status. Startups in India have grown remarkably over the last six years and 555 districts in India have at least one new startup. India has 65% of its population falling under the age bracket of 25 to 35 years making India as the second-largest internet user base after China, which has made it easy for companies to reach out to their target audiences through Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and WhatsApp.

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Why Some Startups Succeed And Others Don't

Some startups do not succeed because of a multitude of reasons such as flawed business model, lack of guidance, failure to implement concrete strategies, running out of cash, poor product, weak management, lack of access to startup consultants, etc. Proper guidance from startup consultants is extremely important to build a successful startup. Some startups fail to identify and develop a product by analyzing market dynamics. Most startups run out of money and hence should make use of government subsidies and bank loans by taking guidance from industry experts having the right knowledge on bank loans and subsidies. Startups should seek assistance from startup incubators and must undergo some training programs conducted by startup accelerators to understand the fundamentals of startups, market dynamics, industry trends, consumer behaviors, etc., and implement those while building a startup. Here are the top reasons for the failure of startups:

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Get The Best Startup Consultants In India To Accelerate Your Manufacturing Business

Most startups do not have the right guidance to build a successful business model and there is a need for startup consultants to accelerate the business growth. Additionally, most startups work with uncertainty and limited staff to get everything accomplished. SolutionBuggy being one of the best startup consulting platforms in India provides all the services required to start and run manufacturing industries successfully. As starting a new venture is not an easy task, our startup consultants work closely with clients and monitor the progress of the manufacturing business. Startup consultants of SolutionBuggy have both experience and expertise to solve all the challenges faced by startups and implement proven strategies to grow the business at a rapid pace.

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Benefits From Startup Accelerators

  • Startup Accelerators help you to make better decisions by providing deep insights into the particular industry.
  • Startup consultants help you to validate your business working model.
  • Startup incubators help you to analyze market dynamics and choose the best product having a large market size and high growth potential.
  • Startup consultants create a perfect roadmap and monitor the progress in every stage.
    Startup consultants work closely with clients to ensure better results and proper execution of the project.
  • Startup incubators handhold entrepreneurs in each stage of the project and make sure the project is completed on time with perfection.
  • As startup accelerators assist a variety of businesses, consultants working in them will have a broader knowledge of market trends, new technologies, industry insights, advanced processes, etc.
  • Startup incubators evaluate your startup’s business plan and advice you on managing resources and identifying potential threats and opportunities in the market.

About SolutionBuggy

SolutionBuggy is one of the best startup consulting platforms having more than 2000 startup consultants and completed 800 startup projects successfully. Our startup consultants have more than 20+ years of experience and assist manufacturing industries in their early stages by curating and implementing robust business strategies to maximize return on investment. Solutionbuggy’s mission is to make India as a manufacturing hub by helping MSMEs by solving all their technical challenges and business challenges. From product conceptualization to branding and marketing, our startup consultants provide strategies and solutions based on their enormous experience in business structure development, marketing, finance, strategy, business ideation, etc.

  • The AI-based platform enables startups and industry consultants to collaborate and execute the project.
  • Our startup consultants are available across India including in rural areas.
  • Training programs, webinars, video consulting, and tech talks are conducted to provide knowledge and industry insights to entrepreneurs and the manufacturing industries.
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How Does it Work?

Connect: Register and describe your requirements.

Interface: Interact with startup consultants.

Team Up: Get your project completed successfully on time.

Industries we serve:

Get All These Startup Consulting Services Under One Roof

  • Business ideation
  • Market Research
  • Business Model Validation
  • Project Report
  • Registrations and licenses
  • Product Development
  • Financial Advice
  • Business Strategy
  • Risk Management
  • Complete industry setup
  • Branding and Marketing
  • Business Expansion
  • Turnkey Solution

Some Of The Projects We Have Completed Recently

  • Market Research and DPR for 2-wheeler electric vehicles.
  • Food fortification plant setup
  • Cosmetics manufacturing plant set up.
  • Vitamin C manufacturing plant setup.
  • Ethanol plant setup.
  • Pharma API, KSM, and intermediaries plant setup.
  • Product development of plant-based meat.
  • PCB manufacturing plant
  • Development of cereals-based RTC mix product.
  • Design and development of passenger drones
  • Setting up a pesticides manufacturing unit
  • Disposable syringes manufacturing plant set up
  • Detailed project report for setting up ayurvedic drugs manufacturing plant

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