A Comprehensive Guide to Product Quality in Pharma Industry

Pharma Product Quality

Product quality plays an important role in the success of any business and is rather significant in the pharma industry. It determines the purchase decisions of customers in a big way. In the pharma industry, product quality impacts the health of the consumers as well. Apart from preventing and curing the disease of a patient, medicines also affect his day-to-day life. So, it is vital for pharma companies to consider product quality as the top priority.

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Now let us look at how to achieve premium product quality in the pharma industry.

Quality to Be Built into Production Processes   

To maintain the product quality, quality has to be built into the production processes from start, instead of just quality checks and inspections after the production. Mere quality checks may not add anything to the product quality, they will just test the quality of the products. Moreover, building quality into the process from day one is easier and cost-effective than patching the damages after the damage. So, pharma companies should try to build quality into the process by setting in place all the product specifications and carefully evaluating the manufacturing process.

Customer-Centred Approach

While developing the product, the company should adopt a customer-centric approach instead of a product-centric approach for it is the customer who is going to consume the product. So, it better to take customers into consideration by collecting and analysing their feedback related to the product before moving ahead in the production. Though the main objective of both customer-centric and product-centric approaches is to deliver high-quality products, the former allows you to deliver the same product in a way that customers want to use it.

Total Employee Involvement

Employee involvement and engagement in the production process and decision-making play a crucial role in improving the quality of the products. Involving employees, not just the management and executive team, into the production processes will bring in innovative ideas and different perspective and contribute to quality improvement. When employees are allowed to take decisions at various levels, they will be able to identify and correct the issues in quality. It not only improves product quality but also increases productivity.

Continual Improvement Process

Continual improvement process is an ongoing effort to improve the process through incremental or breakthrough improvement, and thereby the quality of the product. Here the production processes are constantly evaluated, analysed and improved to get better results.

The continual improvement process involves four steps: Plan, where you identify opportunities for changes and plan for change; Do, where you implement changes on a small scale; Check, where you analyse the impact the changes made; and Act, where you implement changes that gave better results on a wider scale.

Data-Driven Strategies  

Data collection and analysis play an important in role quality improvement. With the advancement in technology, the collection and analysis of data have become very easy for businesses. The latest technologies such as AI, ML and Big Data are helping businesses to effectively analyse the huge data and extract actionable insights from the data. So, businesses should rely on data to take decisions regarding the changes to the product to improve its quality.

That being said, it is not easy to implement these strategies in order to improve the quality of the products in the pharma industry due to regulatory compliance issues associated with the industry. So, pharma companies should consider taking help from experts for product improvement.

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