How to be a Freelance Consultant in Manufacturing Sector.

For starters who is a consultant and what does he do?

A consultant helps a business in providing the owners services like advice, planning resources in order to help the organisation work better, for better profit margin and efficiency. A consultant uses skill and experience to analyse a business, identify the problem and provide solution to overcome the obstacles in order for the organisation to reach its goal.

How to be a freelance consultant?

Work on Self: To be able to step in to the market and evaluate the other, one must evaluate one self. To choose your vocation, your interest, get to know your strength and weakness and work on the weakness. Improve your knowledge, you cannot have experience when you start off, hence in order to overcome the obstacles, case studies, expert advise, to be updated with the market knowledge in the manufacturing sector would be a must.

Network Building: Network is the first and foremost area any field that must be built. The better and wider the network, the better opportunity. Network can be built through conferences, exhibitions, word of mouth. Your network need not always include manufacturers, it can have experts, other sector leaders who could guide you to be on the right path.

Target Customers: You network can guide you to your customers as well. It is very important to target your customers, failing which you would be on the wrong path wasting resources. As a manufacturing industry consultant, initially focus on SME sector. Do not try to be a jack of nothing, be a master of one. This is less risky and improves your skills making you a specialist.

Services and charges: When you have your customers ready, you need to be specific with your skills, the services you would provide. It is better to mention the approximate time to complete the service. Most importantly, if it’s not documented it’s not done. In order to avoid misunderstandings, document the discussion, the terms and conditions also the charges agreed on.

Branding and Marketing: After testing the waters, you can start your branding and marketing. You can market your success stories through articles, blogs, advertisements. This automatically enhances your brand and you can expand your sector, your skills and your customers.

SolutionBuggy has helped more than 5,000+ consultants to connect with more than 50,000+ industries through the 950+ projects executed on the platform. The platform not only connects the expert to the industry but also provides a platform to brand oneself as a subject matter expert and gain credibility. Also the projects executed by the consultants are tracked and the feedback recorded on the platform, which helps the consultant to build a brand for oneself.


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