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This article describes how with the right platform it is easier to recruit or get connected to experts you can aid your business in the manufacturing sector. With the help of right guidance, this can be executed and completed within an optimal period of time with a vast pool.
More than 115 lakh manufacturing enterprises all over India command a 7.04% share in India’s GDP. India’s manufacturing industry is on rise and holds the potential to alleviate the economy out of its relative stagnancy. The ‘Make in India’ campaign launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi provided the necessary impetus for this sector to realise its full potential. The SME and MSME are considered important pillars in the purview of Indian industries due to its promise of improving the conditions of the Indian workforce which currently lies on agriculture.

The Difficulties in Manufacturing Sector

Despite the initiatives being taken, manufacturing sector comes packed with its own fair share of problems that inhibit its growth. These issues are widespread and deep rooted, which merit a closer look and is illustrated as follows,

Lack of Funds
Lack of Marketing Skills
Lack of Information
Poor adaptability to upcoming market trends

Non-availability of technically trained human resources
Lack of management skills
Lack of access to technological information and consultancy services
The need is to find a platform that offers well rounded and holistic solutions.

How Platforms Can Facilitate the Solutions-A Case Study

SolutionBuggy is an exclusive and dedicated platform for the Manufacturing Sector in India. It seamlessly bridges the gap between the industrial sector and professionals for on-demand consultation and services including projects. It connects SMEs and large scale industries with Industrial Consultants/Experts and Industrial Product Suppliers over the internet for collaboration and success.
It is an integrated platform wherein industries can share their issues/problems and post requirements; consultants/experts can showcase their capabilities and offer services and solutions and suppliers can list their products to match the industry requirements. 
Such a platform by bridging the gap between companies, consultants and suppliers can help to create a space where people can reach out and find quick solutions to their problems.


Case 1

In August 2016, SolutionBuggy got a request from Hyderabad for Production Planning, a 1-3 month onsite project, which required the expertise of a consultant to make production more efficient.

Case 2

In September 2016, another request was posted this time industry was in need of low cost automation services. It was from a company manufacturing pneumatic breaking systems (brass and plastic) with 50mmx30mm dimensions. The problem lay at the assembly unit. To count parts, they were using PNP type sensors and chute. However, they were not getting counted parts as exactly +/-2 sets and thus were being rejected by customers. Assembly cycle time per unit was at 3 seconds.
The need was to find low cost solution.

Though the problems may seem like a minor one, it is an arduous task to find the right consultant especially if it is for an SME.

The Dearth of Consultants and Solution

Small and Medium Enterprises are on the rise, especially in developing countries like India. They make up for most of the economy and are popular for the level of innovation, opportunities of employment and social mobility they promise. They are quick in responding to new opportunities and hold the potential to grow rapidly. 
However, data shows that SMEs hardly progress enough to develop into large scale business. One of the root causes of this problem can be traced back to the lack of expertise or consultancy services for SMEs. Though the market has consultants in aplenty, many prefer bigger businesses over SMEs which affect their potential. Finding the right consultant for your SME can be a challenging task.
SolutionBuggy being a platform that connects consultants to industrialists was therefore able to devise a solution in record time.
For Case 1, SolutionBuggy was able to attract 25 offers out of the 28 offers the company attracted overall. That is 89% of the total offers received.
For Case 2, again, SolutionBuggy got 5 out of the 9 total offers. 
The number of experts, who applied through SolutionBuggy, as evident, is exponentially larger than those from other sources.

Closing Comments

With the right platform to connect people, manufacturing sector can make great strides and progress to increase its share on the market.
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