Key Trends dominating manufacturing industries in 2019

manufacturing industries

Most industry experts agree that the manufacturing sector in India is going through a vast sea of changes in 2019 that are majorly aided by technology advancement and intelligent manufacturing.

Some of the key trends that are influencing the industry this year are:

1. IoT(Internet of things)

Although this word is being used by every other manufacturing consultant we see that this year the impact of IoT has been very high as the cost of implementing these technologies has been reducing daily. The key benefits from IoT cost reduction, increased efficiency, improved safety, meeting compliance requirements, and product innovation. Smaller sensors, widely available internet access, and cheaper cloud computing have helped manufacturing industries to implement IoT faster and get benefited.

2. Leveraging AR and VR capabilities

Any manufacturer who visits the exhibitions in his domain must have observed that there is a high penetration of AR and VR into this sector that is helping computer-aided designs to be more realistic and product development can be made faster and accurate with lesser iterations. It has also helped in machine repair and remote consultations for complex operations and thus reducing machine downtime as well

3. 3D Printing

This is another buzzword that has been used by engineering consultants that have led to faster prototyping and easier adoption of the new designs. It has not only reduced the time but also led to lesser manufacturing costs and identifying product defects faster. This has helped manufacturing consultants to reduce deployment time for new product design and development.

4. Predictive Maintenance

Failure is critical machinery is always a challenge for manufacturing industries as it leads to downtime and loss of productivity. With IoT, there is an entire new area of predictive maintenance that manufacturing consultants can take up and reduce the failure. This is also the first step for a factory to become “smart” and paves the way for Industry 4.0.

So overall the new trends in the manufacturing industry are more inward focussed than on the macro environment. This is a good sign as the manufacturer has control on how things are shaping up in his industry rather than rely on external factors. At SolutionBuggy we have received more than 130+ projects this year which are in one of the 4 domains mentioned here and we have some stellar consultants working on these to deliver the best and economical results to the MSMEs posting these projects. In order to learn more as to how your industry can benefit from the latest manufacturing trends in 2019, log on to and post your problem here.

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