Pros and cons of outsourcing manufacturing jobs

Outsourcing manufacturing jobs have got its own negative intention among consumers which can damage a small business reputation. The needs of production can be met completely in-house. The organization may require additional resources, in case there are changes in demand or production capacity. The company can be in a position to grow without additional overhead, tying up resources or suffering in order fulfilment unnecessarily in case if there is an outsourcing alternative.

Some of the Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Manufacturing are mentioned below:- 

The cost of Labor is Low – One of the top benefits of outsourcing manufacturing is the low cost of labor. On the basis of where you need to outsource your production jobs, significantly you can reduce the cost of labor. Besides savings on salaries and hourly wages, the reduction includes on payroll taxes and benefits. Outsourcing under the right circumstances can be a viable option in case of broader humanitarian and compliance implications at play. With the right partnership, labor can be performed at a fraction of the cost for some manufacturers with right partnership. Organization believe that while outsourcing they can achieve real savings and devote more on the core business. cost can be reduced by paying to an outsourced manufacturer as per the pieces produced which will enable you to control your cost.
Innovation – Through outsourcing, innovation can be brought to life. At sometimes the company may not be having enough tools or production scheduling to permit the creation of new pieces. Outsourcing of resources enables to easily schedule prototyping and other production related functions without disturbing the internal resources.
Demand Increases – Outsources helps in catering to the demand of different types of products. Companies may sometimes have a sudden need in orders for a particular product and may need additional resources to meet the demand. If the resources are lacking to meet the production then it could affect the ability of the organization to meet the fulfilment obligations. To meet the new demands it will be easy for an outsourcing company to supplement the existing in-house manufacturing efforts.
Operating Capital is increased – Outsourcing enables to reduce your expenses. If the sales of the company are the same then it will have more money to spent on marketing, research, debt reduction and development headquarters salaries which will help the company to improve its finances.

Reduce in Quality – The small business manufacturing company before outsourcing has to consider the ability to oversee and regulate the production process which is taking place at the contractor’s location. If you need to examine and control the quality of your product you need to employ one of your employees to be on site to manage. When an inferior quality is outsourced it might take you weeks or months to find out the cause depending on when it was shipped.

Public Relations is spoiled – In the eyes of consumers, the outsourcing manufacturing carries with it a stigma. The outsourced workers may be provided with living wages and safe working conditions but consumers may feel that the job is being sent overseas. The outsourced job is mainly undertaken by workers who are underpaid, work in the unhealthy atmosphere.
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