What are Oxygen Concentrators?

Oxygen Concentrator

As covid-19 cases are rising in the country, the number of patients getting admitted into the hospitals is increasing. This has resulted in the shortage of oxygen which is an essential requirement in hospitals. India has witnessed a number of cases wherein patients in the hospitals died due to lack of oxygen supply.                

Though the government has been taking necessary steps to ensure the seamless supply of oxygen to covid impacted patients in the hospitals, the oxygen crisis in the country is still far from over. With limited oxygen cylinders in the hospitals across the country, oxygen concentrators are the most preferred alternatives to oxygen cylinders to address the oxygen shortage issue in the times of the covid-19 pandemic.                        

What Are Oxygen Concentrators?

Oxygen concentrators are medical devices that concentrate oxygen from the air in the atmosphere. These are highly portable and can be used in hospitals, houses and while travelling.          

How Do Oxygen Concentrators work?    

Atmospheric air consists of 21% of oxygen, 78% of nitrogen and 1% of other gases such as argon, carbon dioxide methane, etc. Oxygen concentrator filters out nitrogen and other gases from the atmospheric air and concentrates the oxygen. This oxygen which is highly pure upto 95% can be supplied to the patients in the life support systems. These portable oxygen concentrator machines provide 1-10 litres of medical grade oxygen per minute to patients, serving as the life saviour in critical situations.      

What is Oxygen Concentrators Price?

As per the current market rates, the price of an oxygen concentrator varies from Rs. 40,000 to 90,000. Unlike the oxygen cylinders, these oxygen concentrator machines do not require refilling and therefore incur no extra charges.        

Once gas in the oxygen cylinder is completed, it has to be refilled again to use; however, the oxygen concentrator ensures a continuous supply of oxygen 24×7 for more than 5 years, provided the required power.

Advantages of Oxygen Concentrators Over Oxygen Cylinders        

  • Portable, can be used in hospitals, home and in transit  
  • One-time investment      
  • No refilling  
  • Continuous supply 24×7 for 5+ years   
  • Can provide oxygen to two patients at a time  
  • No danger of fire accidents         

Increasing Demand & Low Supply

The demand for oxygen concentrators has increased recently from 40,000 units per year to around 40,000 units per month in the wake of the covid-19 second wave in the country. However, India does not have the required ecosystem of manufacturers and aggregators to meet the demand. Though there exist some major manufacturers such as Philips, BPL, Nareena Lifesciences, Oxymed, Evox, Equinox, etc., they may not be able to supply for growing demand. Therefore, it is an opportunity for small and medium scale enterprises to enter into oxygen concentrators manufacturing, considering the exponential growth for oxygen concentrators in the country.       

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