What’s coming in 2017? Experts predict big changes in 2017 for the manufacturing industry

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Manufacturing is a driving force for any of the developing or developed economy. The advancement that a country makes in manufacturing directly shadows on their GDP and that’s why it is a serious topic for discussion. With the new technologies rolling in, experts predict that there is no putting of break in advancement for this sector.

Normally manufacturing facilitates the country with trade and increased employment but it also is responsible for innovation and productivity for the economy. With this we can predict in which sectors of manufacturing we can expect phenomenal changes. These are the few changes that we think that are evident in 2017.

Robotics and automation:

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As the demand increases, the supply will be needed to shift to a faster track of course. Here, robotics will take an important role and its increased use will also result in its cheaper availability. The robotics which is used in manufacturing industry for assembly lines may affect the jobs of the workers which may also spark a debate.

Here we aren’t talking about the future robots that we see in movies to which you give command and everything is done in a flash but you can say we are on to that route by one step at a time.

Mobiles and more

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In technology this is the sector where we’ve witnessed tremendous advancement in all round aspects. The clear example of it must be with you, your cell phone if you compare it from now and 5 years back. Who would have thought of a 512GB micro SD card, 5”screen, fingerprint sensors and augmented reality then? It all gets cheaper day by day due to increase in production and demand. Every day something new arises for mobiles and tablets which are result of innovation in manufacturing.

Next year we may see even 1TB micro SD card and iris scanner would be also available in entry level smartphones and the screen sizes may also increase resulting in more of hardware needs. All these demands for hardware directly will directly result in manufacturing boom. Also, the new project of Google ARA modular phone can also be the next big thing in manufacturing and mobile world.

3D printers

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This one is in the process of being globalized. It is surely the next thing in manufacturing for as simple reason that manufacturing becomes as easy as giving a print command on a computer.
This machine’s use can eliminate an assembly line altogether if it’s made of a large size. It is used now for making small parts and needs more brushing for better accuracy and resolutions. As we step into future we will see more of it and we’ll see advancements in it which can make production costs down to ground low.


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Automobile companies are the big time manufacturers and if they’re not then who is?

Every year companies like Audi, BMW, Volkswagen etc come out with different models and innovations in them. This all becomes possible through improved technologies that they make use in manufacturing. The time taken by a car to develop and manufacturer is now taking less time than it was taking earlier.

The technology and automation in future will result in faster manufacturing and increased safety of cars. Not to forget everyone’s eye for a flying car but it can be included in the article of near future as for now it would be too early to call.
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These may be only few of the next era things but we’ll come to know about it as time takes leap. The world will be a different place one year later. We may or we may not notice what’s changing around us but directly or indirectly it touches all our lives. Evolution doesn’t stop, there may be challenges in our way but tackling it and making our way will make us what we ought to become!
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