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DAFFODILS TECH is an authorized Marketing Partner for the following principles: - FANUC - CAMWORKS - BLUM-NOVOTEST


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Key Features: 1) Rigid design 2) Easy operation and maintenance 3) Intuitive iHMI 4) Dedicated maintenance screen 5) Early issue detection 6) 70-bar centre through coolant pressure 7) Ultra fast tool changes 8) Capacity for 21 tools

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1) Laser Tool Setting 2) Tactile Tool Setting 3) Machine Tool Probes 4) Measuring Software 5) Bore Gauges 6) Temperature Measuring System 7) Receivers

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Geometric's Geometry Technology Solutions(GTS) business unit develops cutting-edge solutions that enhance design and improve manufacturing operations. The end-user products from Geometric include CAMWorks, eDrawings® Publisher, DFMPro, and GeomCaliper®. eDrawings Publisher is a lightweight intuitive collaboration tool for 3D models that enables publishing of 3D model from all major CAD systems. DFMPro is an automated intuitive tool for designers and manufacturing engineers to accurately predict the manufacturability of models. GeomCaliper is an integrated, automated and easy to use thickness checker for 3D CAD models. 3DPaintBush is a tool that creates near photo-realistic images & animations from 3D models, in real time.

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KEY FEATURES: 1) Latest CNC and servomotor technology 2) Generator designed for maximum reliability 3) Capable of cutting thick, stepped and tapered parts 4) Multi-workpiece machining 5) Easy-to-use Core Stitch function for even longer unmanned machining 6) Wire threading in just 10 seconds 7) Automatic in-path wire re-threading 8) Accurate twin servo wire tension control

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