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ETA Technology was established in 1991 in Bangalore, the centre of machine tool industry in India. Started with design and manufacturer of friction welding machines. ETA has grown over the years to be a global supplier of high end friction welding machines, advanced simulation & testing machines, special purpose machines and packaging machines for various applications. ETA also supplies a variety of machines for Engine Valve industry.


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Test Rigs

ETA designs and supplies a variety of Test Rigs as per customer requirements. lOBJ Boot Testing lParking Brake Testing lFatigue Test Rig for Steering Column lAxial Elasticity Testing for SBJ, OBJ and IBJ lTest Rigs for Steering Gears -Rack Push Pull Testing -Endurance Testing -Impact Testing -Torque to Failure Testing -3-Axis Durability Test -Functional Test -Alternated Fatigue Test lAccelerator Pedal Module Active Endurance Test Rig lControl Arm and Silent Block Test Facility lControl Arm Test Facility lStewart Platform lHub and Knuckle Test Facility lRear Beam Test Facility lHydraulic Hose Flex - Impulse Testing

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Special purpose machines for Engine valves Industry

ETA Makes All The Machines Required For Making Engine Valves: Tappet End Grinding Machine Tappet End Finish Grooving Machine Valve End Cut off Machine Head Dia. Turning Facing and Profile Turning Grooving, Chamfering And Tappet End Facing Machine Etching Machine Valve Straightening Machine

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Metal gathering machines

ETA makes metal gathering machines which are mainly used in engine valve industry. Capacity in kVA 12, 20, 30, 37, 50, 75, 125 and 150 kVA ratings

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Friction Welding Machine

Friction welding is a solid phase welding of two similar or dissimilar materials using the heat generated by rubbing of two materials and when the impurities at the interfaces are removed as flash, stopping the relative motion of the components and applying a forge welding force to form a strong metallic bond. ETA build friction welding machines from 1.5 Ton to 300 Ton capacity

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