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We are in the business of conveyors and components We manufacture 1. All types of conveyors - Belt conveyors, Modular Belt Conveyors, Slat conveyor, Roller conveyor etc 2. Gravity Rollers 3. Taper Rollers 4. Power Rollers 5. Groove Rollers 6Customized Rollers


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Taper Rollers

Taper Rollers available in PP bushes pluged over each other to form a taper portion of 1.8 to 2Degree. These are over a metal tube, which gives strength to the rollers. Taper rollers are used for curve conveyors to carry light to medium load.

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Gravity Rollers

Gravity Rollers in various types of Diameters from Dia 25 to 100

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Excel Conveyors
Plot NO 27, Sector 7, Bhosari MIDC
State : Maharashtra
Pincode: 411026
P: 982257645



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