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A company focused in the areas of PD Pumps, Hydraulic and Lubrication Filters and integration of Re circulating Oil Lubrication Systems.


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Oil Pumping Unit

Oil Pumping Units are basically used for unloading/transfer of fluids in Industrial Plants. The capacities vary from application to application. Customization is possible. The PD pump can either Gear , Single screw, Twin Screw or Triple Screw and Motor can be standard TEFC or Flame proof type. The pumping units are suitable for mounting in either horizontal or vertical planes.

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Oil Filtration Unit

These units are used for filling of oil to existing Reservoirs and also for filtering the existing oil in Reservoirs. The units can be given with One, Two or Three Filter in series depending on the application. Filter fineness up to 01 Microns (absolute ) and flow up to 400 LPM are possible. The units can be offered in Stationery or Mobile Versions. The units come with an over pressure protection against accidental closure of valves.

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Oil Unloading Skids

These skids are used for unloading of Fluids ( Diesel, Petrol, HSD, Fuel Oil, Molasses etc ) or from tankers and transfer to sump in and industrial environment. These units come with strainers and standby pumps with inlet and outlet valves

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Oil Lubrication System

These systems are offered for the lubrication of Gears/Bearings in Cement, Steel, Power and allied industries. The System is complete with Oil Reservoir, pumps filters and valves and instruments and provided with base plate . Electrical Control Panel can be provided upon request.

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