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ProVaC Manufacturing Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a "ONE-SHOP STOP" of advanced technology solutions to various industrial challenges and delivers what it promises. ProVaC is an integration of Research & Development, Industrial expertise and project management(Green field and Brown field projects) expertise by Doctrates, Industrial experts, Managers and Engineers. With dedicated application of mind and experience, we have generated complex products which delivers simple solution for industrial production issues.


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ASTM QuenchProbe

ASTM QuenchProbe is an equipment for the Standard Test Method for Determination of Cooling Characteristics of Quench Oils (as per ASTM D6200-01) and Aqueous Polymer Quenchants by Cooling Curve Analysis with Agitation (as per ASTM D6482-06)

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Reference QuenchProbe

QuenchProbe is a simple hand held unit made out of stainless steel, with the customer specific alloy steel specimen, temperature sensor and data logger integrated into one unit without any loose wires.The USB based data logger stores the time-temperature data during quenching, which can be downloaded to a PC for analysis. The recorded Time-Temperature data is stored to the software which combines non-linear inverse heat conduction with austenite Decomposition on a finite element platform with excellent GUI. The material specific TTT diagram, Hardness model and properties like enthalpy, density, thermal conductivity, latent heat is given as input to the software.

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