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Process Analytik Instruments Pvt. Ltd. provides equipment and services focused on improving Operational Efficiency by engaging on four fronts - Process, Equipment, Data Analytics and Power Quality. The company leadership has specialized experience in various Electrical, Instrumentation and IT-based measurement, analysis, reporting and control applications including System Engineering and Integration. The products and solutions are supported by Installation, Commissioning and AMC /CAMC services.


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Dynamic Voltage Restorer, Voltage Dip Protection Systems

High Performance Dynamic Voltage Restorer LV /MV, 3Phase kVA to MVA rating 98% Efficiency Up to 60% Voltage Sags, Dips with <3ms restoration time Up to 30 sec Voltage Sags No batteries or supercapacitors

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Data Analytics Application

Insights are requried to plan for improvement. Which group of individuals is best suited to generate such insights and when do these individuals actually get down to sifting through the data? To add to this, the data is usually structured in accordance with the analytics defined by other individuals. WonderBi solves these basic issues by putting the analytics and vidualization tools in the hands of the individuals that are interested in slicing, dicing and reordering the data to gain Business Insights. Characterized by an intuitive interface developed for productivity, CEOs and leaders of various functions including Finance, HR, Sales, Operations can benefit from generating their own characteristic and personalized Business Insights through reports and dashboards.

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Motor & Generator Condition Monitoring

Induction Motor, Generator and Driven Load monitoring. Simple sensors using CTs and PTs. Mechanical and Electrical condition information including efficiency and losses.

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Gas Analyser

Measure a wide variety of gases in a variety of applications from percentage levels to parts per trillion.

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