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PUREROL is an ISO: 9001:2008 CERTIFIED COMPANY. Since inception in 1996, has maintained an excellent track record in terms of Productivity and quality. It has the backing of expertise and excellence developed over years and expanding substantially absorbing the latest technology and quality standards. The company has wide sales and dealer network, Sales Depots and stock points backed by well trained sales and service personnel.


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These are a range of highly refined transparent, active & inactive type of cutting oils with extreme pressure properties. These cutting oils are specially developed for wide range of machining operations. They are blended from highly refined high viscosity index mineral oils and carefully selected additives. The Product performance meets IS 3065– 1985 Specification.

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These oils are used for all normal quenching operations on a wide variety of steel to impart the desired hardness to components without distortion. The special compounding agent incorporated in oil improves the wetting ability of the oil, so that it provides faster initial cooling for optimum hardness, where as the base oil ensures slow cooling in the final stage for stress relief and distortion free results. The Product performance meets IS 2664 – 1980 Specification.

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These oils are recommended for systems where the operation is under extremely severe and hostile environments such as Gear drives operating at speeds over 3600 rpm and or pitch-line velocities exceeding 1500m/min. The product performance meets IS: 8406-1993 Specification.

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Antiwear Hydraulic oils are generally used for the lubrication of axial, piston, vane and gear pumps. These oils are especially required in systems where both piston and vane pumps are used for heavy duty service. These oils may also be used for lubricating light loaded gears and bearings. These oils are not intended for use in hydraulic systems containing silver plated components

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