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Steel Plant Specialities is an ISO certified Company that makes innovative products for Hot Forging, Heat Treatment, Steel Rolling and Die-Casting industries. The innovation team at Steel Plant Specialities (SPS) consists of seasoned metallurgical engineers from the well acclaimed Indian Institute of Technology (IIT). SPS is a sole supplier of their unique products to a number of industry leaders in the field of hot forging, hot rolling, die casting and heat treatment. The product categories are mentioned below:our products are Hot Forging Die Lubricants to increase forging die life & reduce pollution, Fuel Saving Coatings for furnace refractory lining, Selective Gas Nitriding Compound, Tapping Lubricants, etc.


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Anti Scale Compounds

ESPON-SR Anti Scale Compound is a protective coating that prevents or reduces scaling and de-carburization during heat treatment process. This anti-scale protective coating is suitable to be used in different heat treatment processes including tempering, annealing, normalizing and hardening. ESPON-SR anti-scale protective coating can be applied by brushing, spraying or dipping. Especially in operations like re-heat-treatment of fully machined parts, where there is no allowance for scaling, ESPON-SR has proven to achieve scale-free heat treatment. Use of ESPON-SR Anti Scale Coating also ensures superior surface finish of heat treated components. ESPON-SR is non-flammable and non-hazardous.

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Oil Cleaning Chemicals- Water Based, Environment Friendly

O-CLEAN3 oil-cleaning liquid is a water-based, environment friendly cleaning solution. It can be used for completely dissolving and cleaning oil from shop floors, machinery and workmens' oily hands. O-CLEAN3 has proven to be much more effective, economical and human-friendly as compared with cheap detergent, kerosene or acids. Benefits of using oil cleaning solutions manufactured by us: *Removes solid layer of oil and dust settled on floor for many months. Manpower and time for cleaning is substantially reduced. *Removes oil and dirt from machinery, without affecting paint finish. *Completely cleans off oil from workmen's oily hands without causing dryness, burning or peeling of hands.

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Refractory Coatings

Refractory linings in furnaces like billet re-heating furnace in hot rolling, sealed quench furnaces in heat treatment and most furnaces with refractory bricks face the following problems: Thermal shock crackingEnergy leaks through thermal shock cracks in refractoryExcessive furnace shell temperature heatingNon-uniform heating in different zones of furnaceLow refractory lining lifeHigh fuel consumption due to energy leaks ESPON refractory coatings are formulated to solve these problems. ESPON refractory coatings can withstand up to 1800 deg. C., and prevent thermal shocks in refractory lining. Hence, life of the refractory is increased.

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Metal Forging Die Lubricants

This is water soluble type of lubricants is basically used in die industries. They are graphite less and that is one of the finest things initiating the application of Metal Forging Die Lubricants. They either can be used manually or in atomized way and by that they are offering more flexibility in the arena of application. In general shallow cavity types of die industries are using this product. In the manufacture we are focusing to maintain on the quality parameters which are fulfilling some international standards.

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