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Techworks Engineering Pvt Ltd is a warehouse consultant for european company startups in India. Presently we represent JACOB make Cable Glands & Accessories AND FLEXA make Conduits & Conduit Accessories in India. These Items are available both in Polyamide & Metallic Versions. For details Kindly refer link for Cable Glands for Conduits


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JACOB make Cable Entry Plates - KADP

JACOB make Cable Entry Plate (KADP) is made up of Polyamide and sealing is done with TPE. KADP comes with IP 66 Protection Grade . KADP is extremely useful for installing bunch of cables in small space within seconds. It finds extensive usage in Automation and process industries.

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Venting Elements OR Breather Glands in Polyamide & Metallic Versions

Venting Elements are made up of hydrophobic & oleophobic PES membrane & available in Polyamide & Metallic Versions with protection grade of IP66 & IP-68 at 0.6 bar ( 60 minutes).

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Nickel Plated Brass weatherproof Industrial Cable Glands

Metallic weatherproof Cable Glands with IP 68 & UL & VDE Approvals. These Glands comes with integrated anchorage with wide range of sealing & clamping. They also provide protection against twisting.

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Perfect Cable Glands -Polyamide 50.6XX PAZZZZ

Perfect Cable Glands with V2 ( V1 available against request) fire rating , Protection Grade IP68 ( @5 bar) conforming to VDE & UL . These glands are available with integrated anchorage and wide sealing & clamping range. Finds extensive usage with OEMs , Solar field integrators , Windturbine manufacturers ,etc

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