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Toshniwal Sensing Devices Private Limited (TSDPL) was incorporated in Ajmer (India) in 1984. It became a leading supplier of variety of Instruments. The company was set up at Ajmer by Mr. Rajesh Toshniwal, grandsons of (Late) Dr. G.R.Toshniwal, the founder of Toshniwal Group of companies in India. We have more than 3 decade of experience in Gas sensor, RTD, other temperature sensor and instruments etc..Our knowledge based marketing professionals work in coordination with the Clients, understanding their requirements and providing the best solutions. The extended reach within country enables us to deliver quality products and services within stipulated time frame. It became a leading supplier of variety of Instruments. The company was set up at Ajmer by Mr. Rajesh Toshniwal, grandsons of (Late) Dr. G.R.Toshniwal, the founder of Toshniwal Group of companies in India. "A Customer is the most important visitor on our premises. He is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him. He is not an interruption on our work. He is the purpose of it. He is not an outsider on our business. He is part of it. We are not doing him a favor by serving him. He is doing us a favor by giving us an opportunity to do so." Thats the dictum on which the Company strive continuously for Quality Enhancement and technological excellence. The quest for excellence at TSDPL is not just a process, but also a way of life. A determination to move up the value chain in process, products and performance has resulted in TSDPL being acknowledged for its excellence. Today when people think of sophisticated high technology instrumentation in any field the first name that comes in mind is Toshniwal Sensing Devices Private Limited.


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RTD Element

The company is associated with HAYASHI DENKO, Japan for last two decades and have supplied millions of RTD Elements to the OEMs. HAYASHI DENKO produces different models of CRZ series to measure temperature. Out of various other models CRZ2005 is the most popular and highly saleable model in India. To ensure that the customer get the best quality product, HAYASHI DENKO provide all of CRZ elements after inspecting and printing the actual resistance values at 0 °C on every packing. Salient features 1. Low cost and Excellent long term temperature stability. 2. Outstanding resistance to vibration and shock. 3. Temperature resistance and characteristics conforming to IEC, DIN and/or JIS. 4. Each CRZ element is individually tested for actual resistance value at 0°C

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Humidity and Temperature Products

Small humidity detection unit : RHI series module consists of a reliable and proven humidity sensor and a custom IC designed exclusively for the sensor, which achieved easy operation, high accuracy and cost-effectiveness. Temperature and relative humidity module : RHT-2 A/V is a compact robust temperature and relative humidity module designed for general purpose and industrial use. It is easy to install and it provides linear current or voltage outputs for RH as well as temperature.

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Gas Sensor

FIGARO, Japan make Gas Sensors and Pre-Calibrated sensor modules. Worldwide, industries for gas detection, safety, air quality control, HVAC, appliances and automotive applications have relied on FIGARO for cost-effective solutions to their gas sensing needs for more than 45 years. FIGARO’s signature technology is the Metal Oxide Semiconductor type gas sensor. Liquid Electrochemical, Solid Electrochemical and Catalytic type gas sensors are also manufactured by FIGARO to the highest quality standards in their state-of-art facilities. FIGARO produces different models of gas sensors for the detection of toxic gas, methane, propane, CO, CO2, O2, alcohol, VOC and combustible gases. Popular applications include residential gas and carbon monoxide detectors, breath alcohol analyzers.

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Odor Meter

Handheld odor meter model OMX, is the most simplified tool for odor analysis, which enables to indicate the relative strength and odor classification numerically by comparing odor gas and purified air. The reading shown on display is calculated based on our original principle. 1. Finding odor source at factories, incinerator plant, or effluent treatment facilities. 2. Evaluation of deodorizing at hospitals or nursing homes etc. 3. TVOC measurement for monitoring IAQ condition.

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