Need for SolutionBuggy

India’s manufacturing sector is growing slowly and currently commands a substantial share in the GDP of India. With the ‘Make in India’ initiative, the manufacturing sector have been given the required thrust and an optimal environment for growth. The MSME manufacturing sector is considered as an important pillar of the Indian economy as it has the potential to shift and elevate the Indian workforce out of the low wage agriculture occupation.

Nearly 40% of the total output by manufacturing sector in India is shared by MSME sector with more than 115 lakh enterprises all over India with share of 7.04% GDP

Though the sector with its distinct characteristics has infinite opportunities for growth but at the same time, there are many challenges that are faced by SMEs :

Lack of Funds
Lack of Marketing Skills
Lack of Information
Poor adaptability to upcoming market trends
Non-availability of technically trained human resources
Lack of management skills
Lack of access to technological information and consultancy services

SolutionBuggy is an online platform that helps manufacturers connect and hire consultants in any domain and expertise quickly as and when they require. It seeks to provide an end-to end solution for the key challenges faced by manufacturing industries specially the MSMEs.

By hiring through SolutionBuggy, industries get on - demand expert advice and assistance enjoy lower costs, access latest information through our blogs and newsletters and become more responsive to changing business demands. It is a great medium for SME’s to easily market their products to the right decision makers in a cost effective way.

Make faster connections, achieve better collaborations and stay ahead of the competition on SolutionBuggy.