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EPR Registration

2 Lakhs

Not Recycled Plastic Waste

70% in India

Join the webinar to Expanding Revenue Streams by Tapping into the Waste Ecosystem


11:30AM-1PM, 3PM-4:30PM

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Date: 19th July 2023

2 Knowledge Packed Sessions

6 Experts to Speak

Session 1: Webinar on EPR registration

Timings: 11:30 to 1 PM Date: 19th July 2023

Topics To Be Covered:

  • Understanding the EPR (extended producer responsibility)
  • Steps to do EPR registration
  • Important terms and clauses as per the law
  • EPR Models
  • EPR for electronic waste management
  • EPR for plastic waste management
  • What are policy instruments and key components of EPR programs
  • how does the EPR program differ from conventional waste management
  • What are EPR credits
  • Q and A session

Who Should Attend?

Manufacturers of plastic packaging materials
Industries such as FMCG, Food and beverage industries using plastic packaging materials
Packaging industries
Importers of plastic goods and packaging materials
Producers of Tetra pack and laminated paper/cloth products
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Session 2: Webinar On Setting Up Plastic Recycling Plant

Timings: 3PM - 4:30 PM, Date: 19th July 2023

Topics To Be Covered:

  • Overview of the plastic recycling industry
  • Current market trends and demand for recycled plastics
  • Potential target markets and customers for recycled plastics
  • Overview of different plastic recycling technologies and processes
  • Selecting appropriate recycling equipment and machinery
  • Step-by-step guide to the plastic recycling process
  • Sorting, cleaning, and shredding of plastic waste
  • Granulation, extrusion, and pelletization of recycled plastic
  • Identifying potential customers and establishing business partnerships
  • Question and answer session

Who Should Attend?

Entrepreneurs interested to start plastic recycling plant
Small Business Owners
Innovators and Problem Solvers
Government and NGO Representatives
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Register for just Rs.199 +GST

Our Eminent Speakers

Sukhjeet Singh

Sukhjeet Singh

Director – Ops & Compliance Plastic Recycling Services

Purushotham Adoni

Purushotham Adoni

15+ years of experience in plastic recycling

Abhishek Garg

Abhishek Garg

10 years of experience in EPR and plastic recycling

Shiv Challa

Shiv Challa

Plastic recycling business consultant

Rajkumar Mathur

Rajkumar Mathur

Plastipreneur Mentor



Expert in EPR registration

Why This Is The Right Time To Start Plastic Recycling Business?

  • Lowered costs business model: Boost profitability through efficient plastic recycling

  • Extensive network of waste material collection points Access abundant plastic waste for recycling operations.

  • High revenue on waste ecosystem model: Tap into lucrative opportunities within the plastic recycling industry.

  • EPR incentives from brands and Gov: Benefit from extended producer responsibility incentives.

  • Environmental Impact: Make a positive difference by reducing plastic pollution through recycling.

  • Circular Economy Opportunities: Embrace sustainability and profit from the circular economy approach.

  • Consumer Demand: Meet the growing market demand for eco-friendly plastic recycling solutions.

  • Economic Viability: Explore a financially rewarding path with a plastic recycling business.

  • Innovation and Technology: Stay ahead by leveraging cutting-edge recycling technologies.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility: Align with CSR goals by promoting sustainable plastic recycling..

Reasons To Do EPR registration

Waste Reduction: EPR programs aim to reduce waste generation by encouraging producers to design products that are more eco-friendly and easier to recycle. Through registration, producers commit to managing and disposing of their products in an environmentally responsible manner, thereby minimising waste.

Environmental Impact: EPR registration helps minimise the environmental impact of products throughout their life cycle. By taking responsibility for the entire product lifecycle, producers can implement sustainable practices and reduce waste generation.

Legal Compliance: EPR registration ensures compliance with legal requirements and regulations related to waste management and product stewardship. It demonstrates a producer's commitment to fulfilling their obligations and avoiding penalties or legal issues associated with non-compliance.

Brand Reputation: Participating in EPR programs and registering as a responsible producer helps build a positive brand image and reputation. It showcases a company's commitment to sustainability, environmental protection, and social responsibility

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