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17th Aug 2023

11:30AM-1PM, 3PM-5PM

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Session 1: Explore The Business Potential in Speciality Chemicals, Agro And Food Chemicals

Timings: 11:30 to 1 PM

Date: 17th Aug 2023

Topics To Be Covered:

Speciality Chemicals

  • Introduction to the specialty chemicals manufacturing industry

    Overview of the industry size and growth

  • Understanding the different segments within the specialty chemical industry

    Exploring emerging trends and innovative product opportunities

  • Manufacturing processes and technologies

    Overview of various manufacturing methods and technologies in specialty chemical production

  • Sourcing raw materials and supply chain management

    Identifying reliable suppliers for raw materials and chemicals

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Food and Agro Chemicals:

  • Understanding The Agrochemicals:

    Types of agrochemicals (pesticides, herbicides, fertilisers, etc.)

  • Marketing and Distribution Strategies:

    Developing an effective marketing plan.

  • Introduction to Food Chemicals:

    Different types of food chemicals and their applications

    Importance of food chemicals in various food processing sub sectors

  • Product Development and Formulation

    Formulation techniques

  • Starting a Food Chemicals Manufacturing Business:

    Investment required to start food chemical manufacturing business

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Session 2: Unveiling The Opportunities in Construction Chemicals AND Other Lucrative Sectors of Chemical Industry

Timings: 3PM - 5PM

Date: 17th Aug 2023

Construction Chemicals:

  • Market analysis and demand for construction chemicals

    Current and projected market size and potential

    Identification of niche markets and untapped opportunities

  • Types and applications of construction chemicals

    Overview of various construction chemicals and their functions

    Common applications in different stages of construction projects

  • Manufacturing process and technology

    Equipment and machinery required

  • Business planning and financial considerations

    Assessing the market potential and competition

    Developing a business plan and setting realistic goals

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Other Lucrative Sectors Of Chemical Industry:

Business potential in Cleaning and Sanitation Chemicals
Opportunities in Petrochemicals
Explore dyes and pigments industry
Start coatings and adhesives industry
Tap the potential in personal care chemicals market
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Who Should Attend?

Entrepreneurs interested to start chemical manufacturing industry

Business Owners

Industry Professionals




Learn From India's Top Chemical Industry Experts

Vipul Kumthekar

Vipul Kumthekar

15+ years of experience in speciality chemicals and polymers

Dr.Umesh Kamble

Dr.Umesh Kamble

Founder and CEO, Farm To Fork



30+ years of experience in construction chemicals

Subhash Patil

Subhash Patil

20+ years of experience in chemical industry

Opportunity For One To One Video Consultation With Chemical Experts

We understand that starting a chemical manufacturing industry can be a complex and challenging endeavour. Hence we are providing an opportunity for entrepreneurs to have 30 minutes One-to-One video consultation with chemical industry experts. This personalised and interactive experience will allow you to gain enormous knowledge from India’s top chemical industry experts.

Why Is the Chemical Manufacturing Industry Considered As One Of The Best Business To Start In India?

  • High Demand: The chemical manufacturing industry enjoys consistent and high demand for its products. Chemicals are essential inputs for various sectors such as agriculture, healthcare, construction, automotive, and consumer goods.

  • Profitability: Chemical manufacturing can be highly profitable due to factors such as economies of scale, efficient production processes, and value-added products. The industry often commands healthy profit margins, especially for specialty chemicals.

  • International Market Opportunities: Chemical manufacturing offers extensive opportunities for international trade. Many countries rely on imports to fulfil their chemical needs, providing a global market for manufacturers.

  • Diverse Product Range: Chemical manufacturing offers a vast range of products, including specialty chemicals, polymers, fertilisers, pharmaceuticals, cleaning agents, and more. This diversity allows entrepreneurs to choose a specific niche or develop a broad portfolio.

  • LongTerm Sustainability: Chemical manufacturing businesses have the potential for long-term sustainability. Chemicals are fundamental to modern society, and their demand is unlikely to diminish in the foreseeable future.

  • Growth Potential: As economies expand and new applications for chemicals emerge, there is considerable growth potential for manufacturers to tap into.

Important Reasons To Attend This Webinar:

Detailed Industry Insights: Gain valuable insights into the chemical manufacturing industry, including current market trends, growth potential, and key opportunities.

Expert Guidance: Learn from industry experts who have extensive experience in chemical manufacturing. Our team of consultants has worked with numerous entrepreneurs and businesses in this field.

Identifying Lucrative Niches: Discover untapped niches and specialised segments within the chemical manufacturing industry that present unique growth opportunities.

Market Entry Strategies: Understand the intricacies of entering the chemical manufacturing industry successfully. From regulatory compliance and licensing requirements to supply chain management and marketing strategies, we will provide you with practical advice and strategies.

video consultation
video consultation


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