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More than 115 lakh manufacturing enterprises all over India command a 7.04% share in India’s GDP. India’s manufacturing industry is on rise and holds the potential to alleviate the economy out of its relative stagnancy. The ‘Make in India’ campaign launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi provided the necessary impetus for this sector to realise its full potential. The SME and MSME are considered important pillars in the purview of Indian industries due to its promise of improving the conditions of the Indian workforce which currently lies on agriculture.

Make in India
Despite the initiatives being taken, manufacturing sector comes packed with its own fair share of problems that inhibit its growth. These issues are widespread and deep rooted, which merit a closer look and is illustrated as follows,
Lack of Funds: Of late, the manufacturing sector has attracted much attention from investors due to the government backed campaigns such as Make in India. However, the sector still faces a gaping dearth in funds and struggles to sustain itself, adequately compensate its labour force or ensure a steady quality check of all its products. 
Lack of Marketing Skills: The manufacturing sector has always shied away from the public eye and has been complacent in working from behind the scenes. In today’s age of internet and digital marketing however, such coyness can be damaging. As the manufacturing sector has been poor in its marketability and communication with the public, its popularity is low and attracts few to join its ranks or inquire about its functions.
Lack of Information: Being low on marketability, there has been a definite lack of information flow from the manufacturing sector to those beyond its circle. Very few people are aware of the intricacies and the effort people involved in the sector put in on a daily basis to make things smooth for the rest. The lack of knowledge share has also made the sector isolated and less attractive.

Poor adaptability to upcoming market trends: We live in a world where every day new things replace the old. Be it technology or ways to run operations, the market forces shift its trends every now and then. The Indian manufacturing sector however lacks the necessary resources or bandwidth to adjust to these shifts comfortably.

Industry Employment

Non-availability of technically trained human resources:
Primarily an agrarian economy, India has been slow in its industrial development. As a result, though the country is high on human resources, most of the pool is unskilled labour. It can be challenging to find trained/skilled labourer who successfully fits into your desired profile. The low numbers pose a challenge for the expanding industries and create an obstacle.
Lack of management skills: At the managerial level, there is an even higher paucity of people due to lack of training or experience. It results in weak leadership and slow development. Without proper guidance and mentoring, the progress of the sector is significantly slowed.
Lack of access to technological information and consultancy services: Industries strongly require services of experts and consultants who can break down complex processes to them and help then in optimal utilisation of resources. Due to the lack of enough consultants on board, many industries end up wasting a large amount of the resources at their disposal.
The problems that exist are challenging but far from being impossible to solve. The need is to found a platform that offers well rounded and holistic solutions. SolutionBuggy is one of them.
SolutionBuggy is an exclusive and dedicated platform for the Manufacturing Sector in India. It seamlessly bridges the gap between the industrial sector and professionals for on-demand consultation and services including projects. It connects SMEs and large scale industries with Industrial Consultants/Experts and Industrial Product Suppliers over the internet for collaboration and success.
It is an integrated platform wherein industries can share their issues/problems and post requirements; consultants/experts can showcase their capabilities and offer services and solutions and suppliers can list their products to match the industry requirements. 
From troubleshooting for a specific issue, assistance with creating a road map to requirement of industrial products, SolutionBuggy helps industries find the right industrial experts/suppliers in an affordable and hassle free manner. 
Problems can be difficult, but for every problem that exists, there will be one platform that actively takes charge and changes things for the better. In the arena of manufacture, SolutionBuggy is definitely one of them.

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