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We provide complete guidance and mentoring to chemical companies on their end-to-end requirements, and help them address their business problems. We provide a platform for industries where they can connect with expert chemical consultants as per their unique requirements. We also offer turnkey project execution by undertaking the complete execution of your project.

Our chemical consultants come with ample experience in the chemical industry and can offer you the required guidance. By providing professional consulting services, we allow industries to address their business challenges and improve ROI. SolutionBuggy’s expert chemical engineering consultants specialized in market research, product development, product ideation, R&D, plant setup, marketing, etc. can help with your every requirement related to chemical manufacturing. 

If you are a first-generation entrepreneur planning to setup a chemical manufacturing plant or an existing business facing challenges with your chemical business, then get help from the industry’s best chemical consultants from SolutionBuggy. 

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How Our Chemical Industry Consultants Can Help You?

The chemical industry in India is poised for tremendous growth. The demand for chemicals in India is expected to grow by over 9% over the next five years. So, setting up a chemical manufacturing plant is one of the most profitable business ideas in India.

While chemical manufacturing is one of the most lucrative businesses, starting a chemical business is not easy due to various regulatory compliances involved. The identification of the product through extensive market research is the most fundamental thing for any business before setting up the manufacturing plant. However, owing to lack of guidance from experts, a lot of industries do not pay heed to market research and eventually fail in their business venture. Our chemical engineering consultants provide you guidance and deep insights into market research, product development, product ideation, plant setup, R & D, marketing strategy, supply chain, packaging, distribution, etc.

As the demand is growing at a faster pace, businesses should ramp up their production to meet the increasing demands. The latest technologies are enabling chemical industries to scale the production easily. We help you adopt the latest technologies in your chemical manufacturing plant and make the most of your technological advancements.

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Different Types of Chemical Consultants We Offer

We offer a wide range of chemical engineering consultants who are specialized in their respective fields instead of a single expert for all your engineering requirements. 

Here are different types of chemical consulting experts from SolutionBuggy :


It's good platform to find process consultant. They need to make some changes in their module, Such as to provide consultant region wise, To provide consultant product specific experience wise and many more.

- Sandip Khakhariya

Good Platform for the Industries & Experts to communicate for their needs! As details of the industries are published to find out the consultants. Similarly, Experts/Consultant details should be available with their expertise.

- Dinesh Mistry

Great platform where Industry meets experts. Recently, we came across SolutionBuggy and very quickly we met with our expectations. Kudos to SolutionBuggy team. Keep it up.

- Gaurav Bisht

Hire Best Chemical Consultants from SolutionBuggy

Opportunities in the Indian Chemical Industry

The chemical industry in India is one of the oldest and diversified sectors. With more than 80,000 commercial products, the Indian chemical industry is classified into bulk chemicals, specialty chemicals, agrochemicals, petrochemicals, polymers and fertilizers. India is the sixth-largest producer of chemicals, and fourth-largest producer of agro-chemicals in the world. India is the third-largest consumer of polymers in the world, signifying the huge domestic of India. Our expert chemical engineering consultants help you leverage business opportunities in the Indian chemical industry.

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1. Chemical Plant Consultants

Setting up the chemical manufacturing plant is one of the difficult tasks in starting a chemical business. Our chemical plant consultants help you in setting up the manufacturing plant by guiding you right from the selection of the plant location to machinery selection and installation. 

2. Chemical Process Consultants

Chemical processing is the most important thing in the chemical manufacturing industry. Chemical Process consultants have a prominent role to play in chemical processing. Therefore, hiring chemical process consultants with strong multidisciplinary skills across a wide range of work environments will definitely help you better results in chemical processing.

3. Chemical Industry Consultants

Our chemical industry consultants provide you with complete guidance regarding the planning and designing of the chemical project. Our experienced chemical industry consultants work across all segments of the industry, including basic and intermediate chemicals, polymers, fibres and elastomers, agricultural chemicals, paints and coatings, industrial gases, and specialty chemicals.

4. Chemical Formulation Consultants

Chemical formulation consultants play an important role in the chemical manufacturing industry right from selection of the different chemicals to mixing of the right quality of various chemicals and getting the right formula for the product. Our chemical formulation consultants not only help you save a lot of time while formulating the product but also cut unwanted costs.

5. Chemical Production Consultants

Our chemical production consultants provide you complete support in product development from production planning and control to quality control standards that are to be implemented. Our chemical production consultants who come with rich experience of working in the best chemical industries across the globe can help you develop better quality products.

6. Chemical Packaging Consultants

Proper packaging of the products is very important in the chemical industry as the chemicals can impact the health of the end-users when they come into contact with them. The chemical products have to be stored and packed with all safety hazards in mind. Our chemical packaging consultants guide you in the design of the packaging of your chemical products.

7. Chemical Certification Consultants

Our expert chemical certification consultants help you get all the relevant certificates and licenses from various government authorities that are required to start the chemical manufacturing business. 

8. Chemical Safety Consultants

Chemicals by very nature are hazardous and toxic. Therefore, extra care must be taken while storing, handling and transporting the chemical in order to ensure safety. Our chemical safety consultants help ensure the safety of your chemical products and allow to pass stringent audits by implementing HSE norms at your factory. 










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Till date, we have successfully completed more than 300 chemical consulting projects. Here are some key points that help us differentiate ourselves from others in the industry.