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We are a unique platform in India, helping SME manufacturing industries in automotive sector to consult best automotive consultants over a trusted and secure platform.

Auto Industry being the largest industrial sector in India requires best Automotive consultants, at SolutionBuggy we have experts with an average of 30 years of experience to provide end to end solutions from “product identification” to “plant setup & commissioning”. We have successfully completed 565+ projects across India in auto sector.


Our Automotive consultant will provide end to end solutions from product identification to plant setup & commissioning. Our automotive consultants have more then 20+ years of experience & we have completed 165+ projects across India.

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Best Automotive Consultants in India

Automotive industry is going through a phase of continuous shift. As the manufacturers face challenges of profitability and cash Flow, achieving differentiation, globally competition, evolving environmental concern, changing customer preferences and global uncertainty, our automotive consultants use their experience to help you navigate through turbulence.

If you are an entrepreneur planning to start manufacturing for auto sector, our experienced automotive consultants will help you to identify products, calculate the market potential, map the customers, prepare a business plan, facilitate technology, setup plant and develop business for you.

If you are an existing auto industry looking to scale up your business, we at SolutionBuggy, will help you get the best suited automotive consultants or Subject Matter Experts to attain your objectives. The first point of engagement would be a mentoring session to define your challenges, fix milestones and set long term and short term targets.

We have extensive experience in working with automotive players across the value chain and have developed rich experience in tackling issues facing the industry currently. Our project management expertise and network of automotive consultants having experience in tackling issues related to growth strategies sustainability and operational efficiency has made us suitably positioned to deliver tangible value to the customers in dealing with cost pressures, partnering, sourcing and delivery capabilities & improving Automotive OEM management.

The volatility in automotive sector has forced existing established players to change their strategy and be more flexible. Adoption of new technology and accelerating the learning curves is the need of the hour, our automotive consultants having experience in business strategy have helped multiple organizations across India to be future ready.

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Plant setup

  • New Industry Setup
  • Market Research
  • Detailed Project Report
  • Engineering procurement & Consulting
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Product Development

  • Reverse Engineering
  • New product development (R&D)
  • Designing & Prototyping
  • Product validation & Analysis
product development consultant

Engineering & Technology

  • Automotive & Instrumentation
  • Machining & Tooling
  • Cost Reduction
  • Lean, Six Sigma, 5S etc.
quality consultant

Quality And Production

  • Process Improvement
  • PPC
  • Inventory & Vendor Management
  • TQM
safety and packaging consultant

Business Development

  • Developing new product lines
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Supply Chain Management
  • New business identification & diversification
certification consultant

Certification And Finance

  • ISO & Other Certification
  • Govt. Subsidies & Approvals
  • Auditing & Training
  • Loan & Finance Support





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How can SolutionBuggy Help the Automotive industry?

SolutionBuggy has been an important name in the business for a long time now and this company, has done everything right to be hailed as one among the best. We have been bridging the gap that has been existing between the consultants and the manufacturing industries in automotive sector. We have expertise in providing all forms of consulting services that range from the business consulting to the product development.

1. Planning service

Solution Buggy can be your one-stop solution when it comes to providing with the planning service. Thus they can take the load of your business or requirements and meet with the demands that are put forward by you.

2. Technical services

They are known for their technical services with some experienced professionals working for them to ensure a prompt service being provided to you. When it comes to technical services, there are few who are as prompt and effective as Solution Buggy.

3. Market Analysis and insights

SolutionBuggy ensures that there is a perfect market analysis taking place before they go into the project. For this reason the professionalism never falls short and the services are always up-to-date with the market demands and requirements.

4. Business development and market setup

If you are looking for business development, then Solution Buggy can be the answer to your problems. They will help you setup the market and soon you can reap the rewards courtesy of their competent marketing strategy.

5. Quality and production

They stress upon the quality and ensure that the services being provided are never falling short of a standard quality. The production quotient of Solution Buggy is also very high and they ensure that they can keep up with both when it comes to their work.

6. Diversification and latest trends

While Electric mobility is a sunrise sector and companies look at investing big for the future, our consultants help you in identification of market segment and products most suitable to your needs.

7. Research and development

The research and development wing of Solution Buggy is at an all-time high when it comes to their work. Every project is undertaken with a sincere study and research on the same and the results are often very enriching for the customers.

Why partner with SolutionBuggy for automotive Consulting

SolutionBuggy is an online platform that helps MSMEs to grow and solve their challanges, through a pool of automotive consultants & subject matter experts. We execute complex automotive consulting projects that require multiple skill sets and functions using our project management expertise. SolutionBuggy provides a single window optimum solution to all the challenges that the industry is facing. We have a team of efficient project management professionals with successful track record in completing automotive consulting projects on-time and meeting the deliverables.

Any manufacturing industry faces challenges throughout its life span. Many of them requires skill sets not available within the industry itself. Solutionbuggy provides the opportunity to help the industry whenever they require support with minimum hassles. We aim to become a preferred partner to the manufacturing companies and help them at every stage of their business. By successfully completing 165+ automotive consulting projects, Solutionbuggy today is a renowned name in Automotive consulting.

Various types of consulting experts registered to help your industry:

1. Automotive Industry Consultants

Companies & entrepreneurs looking at finding insights on the automotive market can use automotive industry consultants with 50+ skillsets in automotive sector across India in our platform.The automotive industry consultants in our platform are vastly experienced and cover all subsegments of the automotive industry.

2. Auto Components Manufacturing

Auto components manufacturing is a big and lucrative market. It requires the company to be globally competitive, on-time and quality conscious. Many Indian auto components manufacturing companies that started in last 2-3 decades have made a mark globally and captured significant global market share. We have industry veterans that have led organizations successfully in auto component manufacturing industry to mentor you and guide you towards this journey.

3. Automotive Engineering Consultant

Automotive Engineering consultant are referred to experts from the industry that are involved in engineering research and development of automobiles, key assemblies and components. With technology disruptions challenging the automotive industry, these automotive engineering consultant can help you navigate through these technological challenges. In case, you require support on engineering activities due to resource/ cost/ capacity constraints, these automotive engineering consultant can help you perform the task efficiently.

4. Automotive Product consultants

Automotive Product Consultants are experts that have expertise in all aspects (technical & commercial) of a particular product. These automotive product consultants manage the entire life cycle of the product and play an important role in decided the product strategy of your organization.

5. Automotive Management Consultant

Our automotive management consultant help leading companies across the automotive value chain develop and activate customized strategies for growth and success. The expertise of automotive management consultant is built on broad project-based experience working with companies and investors across key market segments.

6. Automotive Business Consultant

Whether running an existing automotive company or planning to start an Industry in automotive sector it is highly recommend to consult an Automotive business consultant to get first-hand information about the sector. Automotive business consultant helps industries to create a roadmap of the business and also foresee dynamic changes and new trends thereby helping to be better prepaid and take the right decision.


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