How To Setup Food Industry In India

How To Setup Food Industry

Are you looking to set up a food industry in India? Here are a few schemes available by the government.

Among the various countries all over the world, India is one that generates its revenue through agriculture and has an agrarian economy. Most Indian families consider farming and manufacturing organic products as a family heritage.

This legacy has made India the sixth largest country in terms of the food and grocery market. The food processing industry is an emerging space and can become one of the best and leading industries in the future.

Defining Food Processing Unit

Food processing refers to the activities and methods taken to convert a raw material or combination of various raw materials into a consumable product for people. It includes many practices like fisheries, plantation, horticulture, agriculture, animal husbandry, etc. Also, it contains other industry inputs for making edible products.

Starting A Food Processing Unit

As food consultants, you must be aware of the various policies and schemes laid down by the Indian government. These policies not only assist the food consultant to set the food processing unit but also provide the monetary support for modernizing the industry.

Food safety consultants must get the FSSAI license, and there are various kinds of FSSAI licenses, and they vary based on the business. However, there are necessary procedures to follow so that you can legally safeguard your company. Some of them are –

Research And Market Analysis

For a food industry consultant, it is essential to understand the market and select the product that needs to manufacture. Now while choosing a product, the food consultant needs to keep in mind the viability of the product it has in the market.

Plus, food consultants should research the industrial and economic outcomes of the current food processing sector. This will be useful in finding out the competitors, the market size, trends, etc.


Just like finding out the market size, it is essential to find out a suitable place for the factory. It is advisable for food safety consultants to find out a location that can be easily accessible and feasible resources like electricity sources, raw materials, and transportation facilities.

Business Strategies

If you are a food industry consultant, you must have done extensive analysis and research right at the beginning. These must be streamlined as per the needs and requirements of the processing units. Most importantly, the strategies and policies should be created for the company so that a blueprint is created based on which the company functions. Also, it needs to provide a clear view of the future plan.


Most food consultants know that every business will need funds to run. Not only that capital is extensively required for materials and maintaining the value chance once the industry develops. Also, funds will vary based on the nature and size of the industry.

Schemes Available For Setting Food Industry

NABARD Loan For Food Processing Industry

 The Finance Minister of India had announced in the 2015 budget of setting up Rs 2000 crore fund in NABARD. This will be used for providing loans to entrepreneurs in setting up food processing businesses at designated food parks.

SFAC (Small Farmers Agri-Business Consortium)

This provides monetary assistance for setting up cold storage units. This is applicable for not more than 75% of the total financial outlay.


If you are a food industrialist, the above-given details will assist you in setting up a food industry business. So, go ahead and try.

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