Manufacturing and Marketing Go Hand in Hand

Manufacturing and marketing are independently very important process in order to ensure consumer’s get the end products. Even if tons of products are produced by the manufacturing department, if there is no proper channel to make sure the products reach the customer, there will be a break in supply chain. Similarly, if there are no enough products to supply, the existence of marketing will be a question mark. Having said that, there are certain segments where conflicts exist between marketing and manufacturing areas. Of these, the common ones are listed below. 

Long range sale forecasting and capacity planning: Both manufacturing and marketing should come together to draw the estimates of what is the demand in the market and how much should be supplied.  This estimation will help manufacturing teams to decide what their target of production should be and by when the target should be met. Marketing team in the meantime will analyze the market to segregate areas where products are more demanded. Conflict arises between marketing and manufacturing when this understanding is not made at the right time.
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Physical distribution and delivery: Marketing will share sales forecast with the manufacturing team and the manufacturing teams should be prepared to delivery products per the forecast. During shortage of labors or other capacity issue manufacturing will be unable to meet the requirement. This can lead to conflicts in the management.
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Quality assurance: While the above mentioned two issues are manageable internally, quality assurance is a great problem which has to be handled in a critical manner. The products delivered with low quality will have an impact on the brand, customer trust, reputation of the company. Thus even if the manufacturing team is not able to deliver products per marketing team’s sales forecast, it is essential to deliver products with top quality finish to sustain in the market for a longer period.
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New product introduction: A new product to be introduced into the market is a matter of great achievement from marketing perspective but at the same time this will be an upset factor for manufacturing operations. Manufacturing team will have to go through employee training, trial and error operations, new equipment before implementing a new product into the market.  Apart from these lot of adjacent service requirements such as installations and repairs will demand manufacturers to spend additional time for the completion of a product. 
There is still a lot of opportunity for firms to strike a balance between these differences and also to keep both manufacturing and marketing go hand-in-hand with the help of proper job evaluation and rewarding. This will encourage marketers to generate change and manufacturers to accept change as per market requirement. At the end firm will be at profit without any doubt. 
Thus, to conclude well-established and big firm have separate manufacturing and marketing departments which work independently with less connection or link between each other. However, on the other hand, small and medium sized companies their manufacturing and marketing will go hand in hand. 
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