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Food Manufacturing Industry Market Size

Trends and Opportunities in The Food Processing Industry

India’s food processing industry is one of the largest in the world due to the abundant availability of agro produce providing an ideal environment to start a food processing industry. India is the world’s largest producer of Spices, Milk, and Pulses and the second-largest producer of food grains, fruits, and…
R&D Consultants

Role of R&D Consultants in Food Processing Industry

The ongoing evolution of consumer preferences, taste and buying behaviors has forced food industries to innovate new products and flavors as per consumer’s demand. Also, to offer food products at competitive prices, industries have to cut down their cost by optimizing their manufacturing process. Hence the Indian government along with…
Food processing business and food processing industry

How To Start Food Processing Business ?

The food processing industry in India is one of the fastest-growing sectors which is projected to reach INR 53,400 Bn by 2024, growing at a CAGR of 12.07% during the FY 2020-FY 2024 period. As food manufacturing units play an important role in linking Indian farmers to consumers, the Ministry…

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