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About Aerospace and Defence Industry in India

India is one of the largest spenders on defence in the world. India has the world’s second-largest standing army, only after China. Though currently, India majorly depends on defence imports from other countries, the Government of India aims to make self-reliant in the defence industry through several initiatives.

India is planning to spend USD 130 billion on the modernization of the military in the next 5 years. The government has also allowed the participation of private players in defence manufacturing. This has opened up opportunities for many private investors to enter into defence manufacturing in India through various means. Many foreign OEMs are entering into strategic partnerships with local defence manufacturing firms giving a boost to the domestic defence manufacturing industry. Apart from the large-scale enterprises, this would also provide a lot of business opportunities to MSMEs in the country. As one of the best aerospace and defence consulting firms in India, we help entrepreneurs start and run their business.

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  • India has the 5th largest defence budget in the world.
  • The Indian government has set the defence production target at USD 25 billion by 2025.
  • 100% FDI is allowed in defence industry.
  • The Indian aerospace and defence market is expected to reach USD 70 billion by 2030.
  • India is third largest military spender in the worl.

Companies Availed Aerospace and Defence Consulting Services

Different Types of Aerospace Consultants and Defence Consultants We Offer


Aerospace Business Consultant

The aerospace industry is growing at a rapid pace. Increasing activities in the defence and civil aviation sectors are boosting the domestic aerospace manufacturing industry. The demand for aircrafts from domestic aviation companies is leading to increased activities in aerospace manufacturing. Particularly the growing defence budget is providing a lot of opportunities in the defence aerospace industry. Therefore, many businesses both small and large are entering into aerospace manufacturing. Our aerospace business consultants having experience working in top aerospace engineering consulting firms provide solutions to all the challenges faced by aerospace industries. SolutionBuggy, being one of the best aerospace consulting firms, can help you successfully start your aerospace industry and grow.

  • The Indian aerospace industry is growing rapidly
  • Increased activities in the civil and defence aviation sector are boosting the industry
  • Many entrepreneurs both small and large are entering the industry
  • Our aerospace business consultants can provide you aerospace consulting services and help you start your business and grow

Sub Sectors in Aerospace and Defence Industry

The aerospace industry is rapidly growing and adapting to the latest technologies, processes and business models to address the challenges of shrinking budgets, rising operational cost, infrastructure management, MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul) and a complex global supply chain. SolutionBuggy is at the forefront of aerospace consulting and defence consulting. With a network of leading aerospace consultants in India and other aerospace engineering consulting firms, SolutionBuggy has emerged as one of the top aerospace consulting firms in India.

Our knowledge and expertise in aerospace and defence consulting is demonstrated through in-depth focus and understanding of the market and opportunities in the aerospace sector. SolutionBuggy is has carved a niche for itself in aerospace and defence manufacturing in India with the help of its team consisting of the best aerospace and defence consultants.

Different sectors in the aerospace and defence industry that we provide consulting services include:

Defence Aerospace Consultant
Defence Aerospace
Civil Aerospace Consultant
Civil Aerospace
Missiles & UAVs Consultant
Missiles & UAVs
Electronics Consultant
Armament & Combat Engineering Consultant
Armament & Combat Engineering
Naval Consultant
Space Consultant
Military aircraft manufacturing Consultant
Military aircraft manufacturing
propulsion units Consultant
Propulsion units
Missiles and space vehicles manufacturing Consultant
Missiles and space vehicles manufacturing
auxiliaries equipments Consultant
Auxiliary equipment or parts


market research consultant
Market Research
detailed project report consultant
Detailed Project Report
plant setup consultant
Plant Setup
funding consultant
machinary installation consultant
Machinery Installation
technology adoption consultant
Technology Adoption
license & certifications consultant
License & Certifications
packaging & distribution consultant
Packaging & Distribution

Why Choose Us as Your Aerospace and Defence Consulting Services Partner?

SolutionBuggy with a network of aerospace business consultants, aerospace management consultants, defence business consultants, etc. provides solutions to all the challenges faced by aerospace industry and also defence industry. These experts have been leaders in their field of product design, product development, program management, supply chain management, logistics, technology transfer, aerospace certifications, aerospace strategy, partnerships/ subcontracting and joint ventures to name a few. Defence consultants at SolutionBuggy enormous experience in defence industry consulting by being a part of major aerospace engineering consulting firms will make the best use of the experience they have gained in working in most of the aerospace subsectors like space, defence aerospace, civil aerospace and aviation. We provide you plethora of options using different approaches adopted by aerospace consultants to address your needs.

Aerospace consultants in our platform are well backed by the mentors and thought leaders that continuously guide these consultants in every stage of the project. These mentors being advisors to SolutionBuggy has made us one of the leading aerospace engineering consulting firms in India. If you are a new entrepreneur planning to start aerospace and defence industry or an existing industry facing challenges with your business, then get help from the best aerospace consultants and defence consultants from SolutionBuggy.

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    We offer you highly skilled, experienced, professional, and verified consultants for your business. They are trustworthy and offer insightful advice related to the aerospace and defence industry. With our consultant’s advice, you can find the most effective solutions to your business needs.

    Consultants registered with us are highly qualified. They offer you a variety of expertise, skills, and knowledge in the aerospace and defence industry. With our online platform, you can effortlessly discuss your needs and get valuable advice.

    At Solution Buggy, we have a dedicated team fully responsible to help you find the right consultant. We aim to stand by you from the beginning of your journey until the end. We also ensure that your relationship with our consultants stays beneficial as well as mutual.

    We ensure 100% confidentiality for both the industries and consultants. You can post your requirements confidentially and we will not ask about any of your personal information.

    To search for a consultant all by yourself requires a lot of your time, effort and money. However, at SolutionBuggy, we make it easier for you. In order to hire qualified consultants, you need to register SolutionBuggy and then post your requirements. Once you post your requirements, our consultants will reach out to you. With us, you are not wasting any time. You are simply putting your requirement and we hire the best one for you.

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