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We work toward making the Manufacturing a hassle-free process by bridging the gap between the industry and consultants. We harbor support in all areas and the process of manufacturing by narrowing it down to each field in order to assist better. We have focused and qualified Electrical Engineering Consultants who furnish all-inclusive solutions starting with pre-construction to power protection and distribution. Our consultants are well versed with the technology and sustainable energy and provide cost-effective, technological advanced and safety solutions for smooth running of an industry. 750+ projects

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Manufacturing industry mostly comprises multiple machines and equipment that are crucial in the production process. Hence, the infrastructure, system, design, organization should facilitate a secure production process. One of the most important barriers in a business phase in its daily business is the erratic supply of power. This could not only lower the efficiency but can also cause damages in the production process. Moreover, an improper facilitating system, applications or infrastructure can cause hazards in the business. In order to reduce the risk and overcome these barriers an Electrical Consultant can come in for rescue. Consequently, the cost of electrical consumption is always on the higher end in an industry. Since every process from usage of raw material to packaging uses power supply the cost of consumption is elevated.

Therefore, to surpass these challenges an Electrical Consultant can come in handy. An Electrical consultant can help a business in designing a new as well as developing the already existing infrastructure in order to facilitate an efficient production process without obstacles or damage. Besides this, a consultant can also help a business in bringing down their cost of energy consumption through efficient technologies and machines which work on sustainable energy. Having an infrastructure that is energy efficient, can reduce the operating costs and increase production as well as avoid any damaged to the products and machines that can be caused due to the fluctuating power supply. Undoubtedly electrical need in an industry is a necessity prior to infrastructure to uninterrupted production process, having an Electrical consultant can ensure trouble-free course of business even more so can also be cost-effective. SolutionBuggy offers certified Electrical Engineering Consultants designed as per the requirement of the industry.

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Electrical Plant Consultant

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How Electrical Engineering Consultants can help you

Every Manufacturing Industry demands electrical needs. It is one of the most basic necessities required to run an industry. Starting from the pre-construction to smooth running of the manufacturing process, electricals need to be kept in check. Electrical Engineering Consultants at SolutionBuggy are not only qualified to assist the consumers in the electrical industry or power industry, but also to assist all manufacturing industries. Electrical Engineering Consultants offer counsel from the pre-construction in designing the infrastructure which would also enable hassle-free and safe process of manufacturing. The ever-changing technology also calls for sustainable energy using renewable resources which also result in cost-effectiveness. They offer R&D services to ensure that the industry is on sustainable electrical consumption as well as helps an industry in developing and implementing sustainable electrical consumption. In addition to this, they are also trained at performing energy audit determining the energy consumption and ways to conserve the overconsumption of energy

Furthermore, our Electrical Engineering Consultants guide you through the production process as well when it comes to designing, developing and testing of electrical equipment that are used in the regular course of business. When it comes to power, they are experienced to help in the phases of power system protection, power distribution as well as power storage and generation. In order to avoid any production damage that can be caused by fluctuation or erratic power supply, our electrical engineering consultants design and secure the system well in advance giving no room for damage. In addition to this, for those industries that are into manufacture of electrical goods, SolutionBuggy partners them up with consultants who are certified in that field. Besides from planning, design and development, they offer supervision at every phase of the production process.

Since the field of electrical engineering is quite vast so are the Electrical Consultants registered with us. We offer varied consultation customized to the needs of the industry.

1. Electrical Design Consultant

Electrical design is a process involved in producing electrical equipment. Right from the process of planning, designing, developing, installing as well as testing. The test further involves the process of power supply, power system, life and safety of the equipment and user. Whether it is developing a new electrical product through R&D or enhancing the already existing product, an Electrical Design Consultant will come of value. Furthermore, they are also well aware of the trending advanced technologies and can transform the business into a smarter one. An Electrical Design Consultant will offer services based on the requirement of the industry through all stages of production and development.

2. Electrical Project Consultant

A project demands quite a lot of efforts from an industry. From R&D to assemblage of raw materials, building up the project and finally launch of the product, even further developments in the launched product after the testing of prototypes constitutes a complete project. It would be cost effective to hire an Electrical Project Consultant as and when required rather than have an in-house throughout time. An Electrical Project Consultant would ensure through the R&D phase to launch and help an industry meet deadlines and resolve issues as they grow during the project. Moreover, Electrical Project Consultants are also up to date with the technological advancement in the field of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. SolutionBuggy ensures to register only those Electrical Project Consultants who are not just qualified but those who have successfully launched projects.

3. Electrical Motor Consultant

Whether it is a compact motor for varied consumer goods or heavy-duty motors that is used in almost every manufacturing plant, SolutionBuggy associates you with a consultant holding expertise in that particular field. Due to the heavy usage of motors in numerous fields, the competition increases and so does the changing technology. An electrical motor consultant provides counselling in designing of the motor, applications of various motors. Further, the rising demand also calls for the more efficient, technologically advanced motors which require sound knowledge which our Electrical Motor Consultant can provide.

4. Generator Consultant

The pace of the technology market is moving fast which consequently urges the industry to move at a faster pace. In order to keep up with the market and generate more profit, industries are made to run round the clock. Since most of them run on power supply, as a safety measure having generators to keep the production running is necessary. However, the choices in the market make it harder to choose. Hence, a Generator Consultant will assist you in purchase of the right Generators based on the usage, necessity and size of the business. Furthermore, they also ensure to make optimum use to make it cost-effective. In contrast, industries that are into the manufacture of generators, our Generator Consultants will assist through the production process, assisting in developing the right product as per the market demands

5. Transformer Consultant

Purchase of a transformer, technical assistance in fixing a failed transformer or in developing a transformer, a Transformer Consultant will walk beside you throughout the process to ensure your industry to be more efficient. An industry might even require assistance in valuation of a tender, it would require technical know-how and expertise in the field of manufacturing transformers. The Transformer Consultants at SolutionBuggy carry the expertise one can achieve only through several years of experience in manufacturing of transformers. Their qualification along with on the field experience makes them the best Transformer Consultants available in the market..

6. Pump Consultant

The most common obstacle faced by every industry with pumps are low efficiency and high energy consumption. With evolving technology, a lot more energy efficient pumps are coming into the market. Hence, in order to reduce the operation cost of an industry, it takes a step at installing an energy efficient pump. Pump Consultant with technical expertise can step in to help a business pick the most energy efficient pump which not only consumes less energy but also has high performance. Apart from advising in purchase of a pump, a Pump Consultant at SolutionBuggy can also help a Pump Manufacturer to manufacture the most energy efficient pumps. With the advanced technology in production and designing, a Pump Manufacturer can achieve to produce the most energy efficient pump and make it available to consumers in the market

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