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SolutionBuggy is the only platform to serve small and medium companies in the electronics industry which is facing unique challenges in the MSME segment. We understand that unlike other sectors, Electronics industry is facing the challenges of shrinking product cycles, decreasing margins, and ever-increasing customer expectations. We understand that the only way to outshine your competition is to stay ahead of the curve by providing next-generation customer experiences through our 800+ electronic consultants.


SolutionBuggy has emerged as one of the fastest growing platform for electronics consultants ranging from Firmware Development, PCB design, Mechanical Design, Hardware / Electrical Design, Sustenance Engineering, Regulatory Compliance & Certification, System Engineering Solution, Connectivity Solution and host of other problems in electronics industry.

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The Indian Electronics Industry is maturing at a rapid phase and witnessing demand from IT, consumer electronics, gaming and telecom sector. Also there is a large talent pool that is primarily concentrated in a few metros and so industries in Tier II and III cities generally find it difficult to get access to these consultants. At SolutionBuggy we have recognized the need for electronics consultants with good technical skills who have a strategic vision to help companies deal with existing challenges.

Electronics consultants can be further split into key domain areas in electronics industry consulting as PCB Consultant, Electronics design consultant, Power electronics consultant, Instrumentation consultant etc. Electronics sector requires highly experienced consultants with niche skills who can help MSMEs or new entrepreneurs in various aspects of R&D, product prototyping and testing, regulatory agency interaction and approval, complete manufacturing, packaging and finally sales and marketing.

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Electronics Plant Consultant

Electronics Plant Consultant

  • New Industry Setup
  • Market Research
  • Detailed Project Report
  • Business Consulting
Electronics Technical Services consultant

Technical Services

  • Automation & Instrumentation
  • Process Improvement
  • Cost Reduction
  • Training & Implementation
Electronics Product Development consultant

Product Development

  • New Product Development
  • Research & Development (R&D)
  • Product Validation & Analysis
  • Designing & Prototype Manufacturing
Electronics Quality And Production consultant

Quality And Production

  • Quality Control
  • PPC
  • Auditing
  • TQM
Electronics Packaging Consultant

Packaging & Distribution

  • Packaging Design
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Channel Partners
  • Storage & Handling
Electronics Certification Consultant

Certification And Finance

  • ISO & Other Certification
  • Govt. Subsidies & Schemes
  • Project Financing & Loan
  • Govt. Approvals





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How Electronics engineering consultants Can Help You

SolutionBuggy understands that the electronics sector is rapidly changing and the industries who want to survive the pace of growth will need electronics engineering consultants to provide the right guidance and understanding to the electronics industries, if they need to compete in the global market. Over the last few years we have roped in over 800+ electronics engineering consultants who can help in identification of the product, to the setting up of the plant and commissioning. To their credit, they have handled more than 600 electronics consulting projects all over India and they have over 20+ years of experience.

The electronics engineering consultants can provide services that includes supporting firms on establishing strategic priorities and strategy implementation, technology transfer from parent companies, IoT Hardware, Firmware development, embedded systems design, consumer electronics consulting, developing marketing & sales infrastructure, strengthening manufacturing process and facilitating development of an innovation portfolio covering complex design issues at fast turnaround times.

Multiple Experts Registered to Assist

SolutionBuggy has not only aided the electronics consulting practice by providing quality electronics consultants but also helped the MSMEs to reach niche expert across India. As Electronics industry is growing rapidly with the ever increasing urbanization and extensive need for latest gadgets and consumer electronics good it has become even more important to the help of Expert Electronics Consultants for the electronics industries and new entrepreneurs.

Various Electronics Consultants registered with us for your assistance

PCB consultant

PCB consultant assists the industry to execute complicated PCB designing. His work includes Board design from simple to highly complex boards, Support with technology, PCB production, DFM and other PCB related issues. Therefore hiring an electronics PCB consultant with strong multidisciplinary skill set worked across a wide range of work environment will definitely help you gain success.

Consumer Electronics consultant

Consumer electronics Consultant plays a key role in keeping a close watch on latest technologies and give valuable inputs to the business owners. Several products like Camera, mobile phones, laptops, White goods and many more come under this category and require experienced Consumer Electronics Consultant to assist them in the manufacturing processes.

Electronics Design consultant

Electronics Design consultant typically work on Custom Electronics Design, IoT Hardware, Firmware development, Embedded Systems Design, VLSI & Electronic Manufacturing Services.

Instrumentation consultant

Instrumentation consultant works on system design and controls which is a combination of both mechanical and electronics knowledge. They not only design the control of the mechanical devices but are very critical in IoT projects to gather data from the machines. Hence there is a high requirement for instrumentation consultants whenever projects in data collection, machine learning and IoT is involved.

Power electronics consultants

Power electronics consultants have very good knowledge in electronics and electrical sector and are highly sought after for providing electronic power solutions and custom power designs for switch mode and linear supplies. They also work on circuit simulation and simulation models for complex power design solutions.

Electronics business consultant

Electronics business consultant help industries to tap new markets both domestic and international and reach out to new avenues. Internationally as well there could be the highly technologically advanced US and EU markets and markets with mass requirements such as EMEA markets which need different marketing and targeting approach for which an electronics business consultant can prepare a solid business plan.

Electronics IC consultant

Electronics IC consultant has a good understanding of IC designing in ele They could be working on digital ASIC, analog, mixed or RF for circuits based on a host of devices running on CMOS or SOI technology. So an electronics IC consultant provides the industry with in depth knowledge and expertise required for a faster growth in this segment.

Top 5 Reasons to choose us as your Electronics Consulting Partners

With growing needs to advance the industry in order to catch up to the pace of technology has now become a necessity. Further, with growing competition being the most efficient industry is also of utmost priority. Hence, to be a market leader an industry must up its game to be more technological advanced which in turn would make it more efficient. Hiring an Electronics consulting partner can make this achievable as the industry can reach out to consultants as and when required. SolutionBuggy as an Electronics Consulting partner will ensure the cost-effective production process which would help an industry beat its competitors.

1. Skilled Professionals and Verified Consultants

At SolutionBuggy, it is our utmost priority to offer highly skilled, qualified and trained as well as highly experienced consultants. They analyze the business to offer customized advice based on the requirements as well as the size of the business. Our Consultants will ensure to offer resourceful as well as profitable counselling for your business to grow even further.

2. Qualified Experts with Right Degree

Our consultants achieve their technical know-how through their qualifications and gain expertise through their experience. That is to say; all our consultants hold qualifications and are highly trained in their fields which allows them to further provide consultation. You can even find our consultants focused and having gained in-depth knowledge in a particular field of study which sets them apart from the other generic consultants.

3. We Help You in Every Step of Your Consultant Hiring Process

At SolutionBuggy, we have a dedicated team fully responsible to help you find the right consultant. We aim to stand by you from the beginning of your journey until the end. We also ensure that your relationship with our consultants stays beneficial as well as mutual.

4. Utmost Confidentiality

If you have worries about being exposed, we would like to tell you it is a safe platform. We ensure 100% confidentiality when it comes to personal details. This confidentiality holds good for manufacturers as well as among consultants. You can post your requirements anonymously and our system would not prompt any personal details that you do not wish to share.

5. Save Your Valuable Time

It would consume a lot of time to find the right consultant tailor to your needs. However, at SolutionBuggy, we make it easier for you. In order to hire qualified consultants, you need to register at SolutionBuggy and then post your requirements. Once you post your requirements, our consultants will reach out to you. This would save you a lot of time as you are simply putting out requirements and we hire the best consultant tailored for your requirements.


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