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About Energy Industry in India

India is one of the top countries with a large installed capacity of renewable energy in the world. India has set an ambitious plan expansion plan of 450 GW of renewable energy by 2030, the largest renewable energy expansion plan in the world. The renewable energy sector in India has been growing at a faster pace over the past few years. It registered a CAGR of 17.33% between FY 16-20.

The government is keen to promote the renewable energy sector in India. With the government’s support and initiatives, the renewable energy sector has become a preferred investment destination in the country. India was ranked as the world’s fourth-most attractive renewable energy market in 2019. India allows 100% FDI under the automatic route for the generation and distribution of renewable energy projects. The Government of India has recently rolled out the PLI Scheme for the manufacturing of High-Efficiency Solar PV Modules, giving a boost to India’s manufacturing capabilities in the renewable energy segment.

With the growing industrialization and increasing energy consumption in the country, renewable energy is set to play an important role in meeting India’s energy demands. The renewable energy sector, therefore, provides a lot of business opportunities for young entrepreneurs in the country. We help new planning to enter into the renewable energy sector in India by undertaking the complete execution of the project. We also help existing industries address their technical and business challenges in running their business. Our solar plant consultants handhold you at each and every stage such as selecting the optimal site, designing of the plant, securing permits and selecting cutting edge technology to complete plant setup. SolutionBuggy solar design consultants have experience of designing multi-GW solar projects in various locations of India. Our wind energy consultants offer both technical and advisory services and make sure our clients get the maximum benefit from the project.

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  • India ranks third in renewable energy country index in 2021
  • India has the largest renewable energy expansion plan in the world
  • India has the fifth largest installed capacity of renewable energy globally
  • India has the fourth largest installed capacity of wind power globally
  • India has the fifth largest installed capacity of solar power in the world
  • India allows 100% FDI under the automatic route for the generation and distribution of renewable energy projects

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Different Types of Energy Consultants We Offer


Solar Energy Consultants

Solar energy is one of the major segments of renewable energy. Solar energy has become the most popular energy in the world recently. So, many people in the world are moving towards solar energy resources. India has the fifth-largest installed capacity in solar energy in the world. Our solar energy consultants can provide you with the design and installation of solar panels. SolutionBuggy’s experienced solar consultants with hands-on experience in the solar energy segment can bring to the table the most efficient, cost-effective, and product with utmost quality. Our team of solar plant consultants offer services from concept to commissioning of the plant along with O&M.

  • Solar energy is one of the major segments of the renewable energy
  • It has been gaining popularity across the world
  • India too is planning to increase its solar energy capacity
  • Our consultants can help you enter into the solar industry and address your requirements

Different Sectors in Energy Industry

In a world of depleting energy resources and climatic changes, it is imperative for industries, that account for the majority of the energy consumption to look for alternative and clean energy resources. Today, governments across the world are also emphasizing the usage of renewable energy resources. The Government of India is also coming up with initiatives for the renewable energy sector, providing certain tax exemptions, and others to industries in the sector.

At SolutionBuggy our energy consultants help you in availing the available benefits from the government related to the renewable energy sector while starting the business. Our energy consultants also help you address your challenges and enable you to easily start your business. We provide a wide range of solutions such as market research, plant setup, R&D, funding, supply chain management, marketing, sales, etc. Our solar design consultants design your project to maximize the energy using their in-depth expertise gained through years of industrial experience. Our wind energy consultants offer various services such as site investigation, approvals, planning and installation of plant.

Different sectors in the energy industry include:

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Solar Energy Consultant
Solar Energy
Wind Energy Consultant
Wind Energy
Biomass-Energy Consultant
Biomass Energy
Hydro-Power Consultant
Hydro Power
Tidal Energy Consultant
Tidal Energy
Natural Gas Consultant
Natural Gas
Nuclear Consultant
Petroleum Consultant

Why Choose Us as Your Energy Consulting Partner

There exist a lot of consulting firms in the market which serve Fortune 500 companies and other large scale enterprises. However, it is very difficult for MSMEs to find the relevant expert required to address their technical and business challenges. SolutionBuggy is particularly dedicated to small and medium scale industries in the country.

Our energy consultants come with an average experience of 225years working across several domains in the energy industry. Till date, SolutionBuggy completed more than 300 energy consulting projects through its network of expert energy industry consultants. We provide you with the industry’s best energy consultants in India who can offer you the best consulting services and help you address your business challenges and guide you towards success. Our solar power plant consultants design your plant optimally that delivers maximum performance throughout the life of the plant. If you are a new entrepreneur planning to start energy industry or an existing industry facing challenges with your energy business, then get help from the best energy industry consultants from SolutionBuggy.

    We offer you highly skilled, experienced, professional, and verified consultants for your business. They are trustworthy and offer insightful advice related to the energy industry. With our consultant’s advice, you can find the most effective solutions to your business needs.

    Consultants registered with us are highly qualified. They offer you a variety of expertise, skills, and knowledge in the energy sector. With our online platform, you can effortlessly discuss your needs and get valuable advice.

    At Solution Buggy, we have a dedicated team fully responsible to help you find the right consultant. We aim to stand by you from the beginning of your journey until the end. We also ensure that your relationship with our consultants stays beneficial as well as mutual.

    We ensure 100% confidentiality for both the industries and consultants. You can post your requirements confidentially and we will not ask about any of your personal information.

    To search for a consultant all by yourself requires a lot of your time, effort and money. However, at SolutionBuggy, we make it easier for you. In order to hire qualified consultants, you need to register SolutionBuggy and then post your requirements. Once you post your requirements, our consultants will reach out to you. With us, you are not wasting any time. You are simply putting your requirement and we hire the best one for you.

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Karnataka has the highest solar power generation capacity in India. The solar power generation capacity of the state was 5,328 during 2018. The total power generation capacity of the state was 27,199 MW in 2019, out of which solar contributes to 19.58% share. A 13,000-acre solar park in Tumkur district, Karnataka is the second-largest solar park in the country.

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