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We work toward making manufacturing a hassle-free process by bridging the gap between the industry and consultants. We harbor support in all areas of manufacturing process by narrowing it down in order to assist better. We have qualified and focused Energy Consultants who furnish all-inclusive solutions focusing on the optimized energy usage and deriving the energy from renewable sources. Our consultants are well versed with the sustainable energy and the technologies that help them to provide cost-effective and state of the art solutions for smooth running of an industry in an ecofriendly manner. SolutionBuggy has successfully completed 350+ projects through mentoring and consultation.

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India as one of the fastest growing countries, ranks fifth among the richest economies in the world and sixth among countries having top manufacturing industries. This rapid growth is causing an energy crisis which calls for an immediate measure. Indian Manufacturing industries stand for enormous energy consumption and as a result, it also posing threats on the climate. In a world of depleting resources and climate change, even the industrial sector cannot shy away from looking to scout for renewable sources of energy. Manufacturing Industries must gaze upon clean energy - a sector where even the government has brought a lot of reforms on. Adapting to renewable energy is not only environmentally friendly but also cost-effective in the long run. We at SolutionBuggy, have qualified Energy Consultants who can render their expertise in the usage of sustainable energy.

Almost all the successful industries and companies look to be energy efficient and look for sustainable and renewable forms of energy. While this is a good goal to have, not always do they have the expertise that is required to fulfill the requirements to effectively adopt the available technologies. Renewable energy applications require a certain level of skills and this is where the renewable energy consultant can play a vital role. Like many other kinds of technology consulting services, even the renewable energy consultant works to ensure operating efficiency in terms of energy consumption, and in turn the cost.

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Importance of Renewable Energy Consultant

With advancement in technology, new forms of renewable energy systems are coming into place. The government is making a lot of regulations for large energy consumers to use more renewable energy. An Energy expert would come in handy to aid to conform with the governmental compliances. Renewable Energy Consultants at SolutionBuggy offer services firstly by performing energy audits to determine the energy flow and energy consumption by a manufacturing plant. Further carry out the transformation and implementation process, market research to determine cost benefits. Finally, they even mentor and coach the staff to adapt to new methodology. Our Renewable Energy Consultants possess expertise in solar, wind, biomass and geothermal forms as well as energy efficiency and management consultanting. Solar Energy among the other forms is said to be the future of Manufacturing Industry due to the structure and location of the Manufacturing plants. Our Solar Consultants are on par with the state-of-the-art technologies and strongly believe that Solar energy is designed for manufacturing industries.

How Solar Consultants Can Help You

Although solar panels seem a bit pricey for the installation phase, it should not be a deal-breaker for the entrepreneur. It has minimal need for maintenance, lifespan of over two decades and finally, post the installation, the solar energy is free of cost. This can diminish the energy consumption cost drastically and form a substantial chunk in operating cost. Solar Consultants at SolutionBuggy believe that the rectangular structure of manufacturing plants is most suitable to install solar panels and the open space allows optimum energy generation. The solar energy harnessed is stored in batteries of relevant capacities to deliver power even after the sunset.

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) encourages people to use renewable resources and hence offers up to 30% subsidies on the installation cost. In fact, firms that cannot afford to purchase solar panels can enter into a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Solar Installation companies. Initially Solar Consultant perform energy audits. Post the analyses, Solar Consultants give customized solar plant design to transform the manufacturing plant into an energy efficient plant. This would ultimately lead to a profitable business.

List of Various Experts at SolutionBuggy

Energy Audit Consultants

Primary step to determine the energy consumption of a plant is through energy audit. It is a process or survey performed to analyze the flow of energy with the intention of optimizing consumption and ideally saving cost. Industries falling under ‘energy intensive industries’ consume enormous energy, so the government has made the energy audit a mandate. Energy Audit Consultants provide mentorship to increase energy efficiency and save cost potentially. Our Energy Audit consultants are qualified and certified to perform the audit and also to offer valuable know-how to increase energy efficiency.

Solar Energy Consultants

SolutionBuggy has solar energy consultants who are aware of the technical know-how of solar manufacturing. This allows them to assess a client on their energy consumption to determine the capacity of consumption and finally drafting design for installation of solar PV systems. Our consultants having upper hand in the market can bring to the table the most efficient, cost-effective and a product with utmost quality. Guiding through the implementation process, our consultant will further demonstrate and provide training in adapting to new methodology. Finally, a solar energy consultant will help through the power generation, utilization making the plant completely reliable on solar energy for electricity consumption.

Energy Efficiency Consultant

Optimizing energy consumption at a manufacturing plant can be a potential cost saving initiative. An Energy Efficiency Consultant can identify the inefficient usage of energy in electrical, mechanical, infrastructural and plumbing systems to reduce wastage. Ranging from commercial appliances to lighting, or industrial machinery and equipment, a scheduled maintenance is necessary to optimize energy consumption. Unawareness in certain methods or following substandard practices can result in over consumption of energy in consequence, higher cost. Wherein, an energy efficiency consultant can rectify these errors implementing methodologies that optimizes energy usage and eliminates waste. An initiative toward having reliable, sustainable energy satisfying the needs of the business environmentally as well as economically.

Energy Management Consultant

Besides offering energy awareness an energy management consultant sticks with the business throughout the process of energy efficiency. Starting from collecting the energy consumption data, further identifying the wastage or over consumption, action plan toward conversing energy and finally monitoring the energy conservation. Just like an unmaintained appliance results in reduced efficiency, untracked plans could also result in failure of plans. An Energy Management consultant monitors the consumption post the implementation. It is also the duty of an energy management consultant to further improve the progress to further optimize the energy consumption. Whether it is just an equipment consuming excess energy or the entire plant, depending on the requirement of the business a consultant can offer services.

Wind Consultant

Being the fourth largest wind power producer in India, a lot of states in India have wind energy as their dominant renewable energy. Wind power is also among the most harnessed renewable energy. Wind Consultants hold qualification and expertise to have a fully implemented wind power project. Starting from the feasibility study and location to installation of suitable wind turbines. At SolutionBuggy we have consultants who can guide through all phases of harness wind power.

Biomass Consultant

Biomass that is harnessed from utilization of organic matter can be used to produce electricity, heating as well as with combination of fossil fuels. Among a variety of biomass, that are classified based on the site of the origin, a variety of biomass is specifically made suitable for industry. Biomass provides 32% of all the primary energy use in the country. Because of its extensive usage in every other field, a biomass consultant holding expertise in biomass for industry must be sought to harness optimum energy. A Biomass consultant can assist in designing the process, research and development, testing and implementation as well as improvement to ensure energy efficiency. Post the construction of the process, a biomass consultant can also help in training and management to help the facilities run smoothly. Due to the varied thermal technologies available in the market, it would be wise as well as cost-effective to seek a professional who is updated with the technology. .

Geothermal Consultant

Although geothermal is location specific, there are 350 geothermal plants that have been identified. India was one of the earliest countries to start the geothermal project. At specific locations, the geothermal energy is available at 150 degree Celsius which can be directly used to generate electricity. This energy however is generated by radioactive decay of materials in the earth’s surface. The complexity involved in harnessing this form of energy makes it evident that an expert must be consulted who can assist in every phase of energy harnessing.


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