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About FMCG Consultants from SolutionBuggy

FMCG is one of the fast-growing sectors in India. FMCG is the fourth-largest sector in India in terms of contribution to the country’s economy. According to a report by Statista, the Indian FMCG market is expected to reach USD 220 billion by 2025 from USD 52.75 billion in 2018. The market is largely driven by growing urbanizations, increase in standards of living of people, changing lifestyle, easier access to the products, etc. are some of the factors driving the market.

The Indian FMCG sector includes pharmaceuticals, packaged soft drinks, packaged food products, consumer electronics, etc. Among these, food and beverages account for 19% of the share; healthcare accounts for 31% of the share; and household and personal care accounts for over 50% share of the market. Conventionally, urban areas are considered as the contributors of the FMCG market in India. However, the rural market has been registering a greater growth rate than the urban market, which signifies a large untapped market in the rural areas.

The domestic FMCG market is highly fragmented and is dominated by micro, small and medium scale enterprises that are largely unorganized. FMCG sector, particularly the food products segment provides great business opportunities for new entrepreneurs in the country due to the easy availability of raw materials, cheap operating costs, etc.

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  • FMCG market in India is expected to reach USD 220 billion by 2025
  • Food, beverages and pharma sectors majorly contribute to growth
  • FMCG industry is the most viable sector for small and medium scale industries
  • SolutionBuggy helps entrepreneurs planning to start FMCG business

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Different Types of FMCG Industry Experts We Offer


FMCG Business Consultants

The FMCG industry in India offers great business opportunities to small and medium scale companies in India. Despite the fact that the FMCG sector is open to both large and small players, Setting up the FMCG industry is not so easy for small industries due to lack of access to right experts who can guide them to set up their business. Our FMCG business consultants provide guidance to small entrepreneurs in the country who are planning to enter into the FMCG industry.

  • The FMCG industry provides many opportunities to small businesses in India
  • Unlike the large scale industries, it is not so easy for small industries to start the business
  • Small businesses find it difficult to find experts who can assist them
  • We provide small businesses access to expert FMCG consultants who can guide them

Different Sectors in FMCG Industry

FMCG industry is one of the most diversified industries covering right from food and beverage including RTE & RTC to pharma and healthcare. It offers plenty of opportunities to not only large enterprises but also micro, small and medium scale enterprises

Small and medium scale businesses, unlike large scale enterprises, cannot afford to have in-house experts. SolutionBuggy, as India’s largest consulting firm dedicated to MSMEs in the countries, connects small and medium scale enterprises with trusted and verified consultants.

Our consultants help enterprises address their challenges related to their FMCG business. We help FMCG businesses embrace the technology and tap the new customer segments through digital marketing techniques. Our consultants help FMCG businesses minimize the cost of operations and thereby reduce the overall cost of the product. This enables them to increase the profit margins. Our FMCG consultants tackle various challenges of the FMCG businesses including, inventory management, supply chain, customer relationship, etc.

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RTE & RTC consultant
RTE & RTC Foods
dairy products consultant
beverage consultant
pharmaceutical consultant
cosmeceuticals consultant
Bakery Products Consultant
Household care


market research consultant
Market Research
detailed project report consultant
Detailed Project Report
plant setup consultant
Plant Setup
funding consultant
machinary installation consultant
Machinery Installation
technology adoption consultant
Technology Adoption
license & certifications consultant
License & Certifications
packaging & distribution consultant
Packaging & Distribution

Why Choose Us as Your FMCG Consulting Partner?

There exist a lot of consulting firms in the market which serve Fortune 500 companies and other large scale enterprises. However, it is very difficult for MSMEs to find the relevant expert required to address their technical and business challenges. SolutionBuggy is particularly dedicated to small and medium scale industries in the country.

Our FMCG experts come with an average experience of 20 years working across several domains in the FMCG industry. Till date, SolutionBuggy completed more than 800 FMCG consulting projects through its network of 400+ expert FMCG industry consultants. We provide you with the industry’s best FMCG consultants in India who can offer you the best FMCG consultancy services and help you address your business challenges and guide you towards success. If you are a new entrepreneur planning to start a FMCG manufacturing business or an existing industry facing challenges with your FMCG manufacturing business, then get help from the top FMCG industry consultants from SolutionBuggy.

    We offer you highly skilled, experienced, professional, and verified consultants for your business. They are trustworthy and offer insightful advice related to the FMCG manufacturing business. With our consultant’s advice, you can find the most effective solutions to your business needs.

    Consultants registered with us are highly qualified. They offer you a variety of expertise, skills, and knowledge in the FMCG sector. With our online platform, you can effortlessly discuss your needs and get valuable advice.

    At Solution Buggy, we have a dedicated team fully responsible to help you find the right consultant. We aim to stand by you from the beginning of your journey until the end. We also ensure that your relationship with our consultants stays beneficial as well as mutual.

    We ensure 100% confidentiality for both the manufacturers and consultants. You can post your requirements confidentially and we will not ask about any of your personal information.

    To search for a consultant all by yourself requires a lot of your time, effort and money. However, at SolutionBuggy, we make it easier for you. In order to hire qualified consultants, you need to register SolutionBuggy and then post your requirements. Once you post your requirements, our consultants will reach out to you. With us, you are not wasting any time. You are simply putting your requirement and we hire the best one for you.

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