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Packaging initially made for the sole purpose of protecting the product. But packaging has now grown into a vast industry of its own due to its necessity across all industries. Packaging is an essential process in the supply chain. With free international trade, products move across the globe hence it is essential to protect them from any damage. To assist in this phase of supply chain management, a Packaging Consultant who can offer their expertise in safe packaging of products to save them from damage. Our Packaging Consultants guides an industry in selecting the material for packaging to size and design. Based on the needs of the business, packaging is done. Export goods would require sturdier packaging than domestic goods. Further, special attention needs to be given to goods that make it to shelves.

Goods that make it to shelves need packaging not just for protection but also for market appeal. It is necessary to make the product appealing on the selves rather than getting camouflaged among million other products. The size, material, colors, fonts are some of the attributes that play a role in making the product more appealing. Our Packaging Consultants offer solutions to industries to help their product stand out among other products. In the Food and Beverage Industry, packaging plays a prominent role in market appeal; although it is necessary for protection, much focus is given on design and innovation. Our Packaging experts being well informed about the market, can offer solutions tailored to the business needs. Whether it is to be shipped domestically or internationally, to reach shelves of the supermarket or to be delivered to houses, Packaging Consultants render their expertise to protect and market your products.

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Types of Packaging

There are numerous packaging methods available in the market. However, it is necessary to choose the one most suitable for the business as well as cost-effective. The Packaging Material is the most important deciding factor depending on the fragility of the product. It is of utmost importance to study the product before choosing the packaging material. To ensure that chemicals of the product do not react with the chemicals in the packaging material used. A Packaging Consultant can help the business pick the right material for packing based on the product, durability and chemical properties. Some of the majorly used materials for packaging are:

Paperboard Box :

Consumers are thriving for sustainable packaging, which is renewable and recyclable. Paperboard box is the most basic packaging choice available that is used for transporting light goods. It is also mainly used for stores food and beverages like milk cartons, juice boxes. With flourishing e-commerce, the demand for paperboard boxes are increasing as they are lightweight and biodegradable. Quite a lot of cafes have adapted their usage for delivering beverages, cakes and confectionaries in Paperboard boxes.

Corrugated Box :

For protection and transportation of fragile items. They are strong and lightweight, durability, eco-friendly and very cost-effective. Highly used by e-commerce industries, food and beverage industry, pottery and glass, and domestic shipping. The strength of the box is that it can be used for shipping within the country and protect the product from any damage. It can withstand vibration, moisture, and compression. Most commonly used by all the industries as it is compatible for heavy goods as well as fragile goods, food as well as automobile components.

Biodegradable Packaging :

Although paper is a main biodegradable component widely used, many innovations are being made to find more raw materials for biodegradable packaging. Areca nut leaves, jute and cotton bags, biopolymers are some of the raw materials used to make biodegradable packaging that decompose naturally over time. It is highly being used in food and food service industry, supermarkets, clothing retails stores to name a few. Biodegradable packaging has a very sustainable market even in the longer run.

Recyclable Packaging :

With the Great Pacific Garbage patch going viral, running for 1.6 million square kilometers, government bodies, NGOs and citizens are making a huge effort to decrease garbage. Hence, Recyclable packaging is much opted form due to its recyclable nature reducing garbage. Materials including paper, glass, metals, cork, wood are some of the recyclable packaging materials. Most of the industries are opting for recyclable packaging due to its eco-friendly characteristic.

Food Packaging :

Packaging for food mostly provides protection, tampering resistance, special physical, chemical as well as biological needs. Food packaging should be carefully chosen mostly by the consultation of experts as the wrong material can make the food toxic. Most of the food packaging industries are planning to switch to biodegradable packaging post the plastic ban. Apart from the material, it is necessary to mention the certifications and approval, nutritional facts and ingredients used. Hence, it would be much wise to consult a Food Packaging Consultant to avoid risks or damages.

Pharma Packaging :

Pharma packaging mostly involves aluminum foils, paper boxes, glass, metal. The use of plastic is gradually decreasing even in the pharma Industry. Most of the pharma packaging materials are again made of sustainable, recyclable materials. Extra measures on sterilizations will be necessary for the pharma industry due to the usage of chemicals. And proper instructions, signs and labels must be printed, so it is wiser to consult a Pharma Packaging consultant as healthcare must ensure safety and reliability.

Flexible Packaging :

Flexible packaging also falls under the grade of sustainable packaging as it requires less water and energy to be manufactured as well as cost-effective. Some of the flexible packaging are pouches, sachets, liquid packaging, confectionaries, detergents. It is much suitable for liquid packaging as it prevents leakage. Due to its cost-effectiveness, protection against physical damage, moisture and compatibility most of the FMCG manufacturers use flexible packaging.

Plastic Packaging :

Although plastic packaging was largely in use and had economic benefit, considering the environmental damage innovations are being made to recycle plastic completely. It was highly preferred due to its lightness, strength, stability, convenience and safety. However, with the damage caused on the environment, most of the plastics manufactured today are recyclable. Plastic Packaging is still widely used by almost all the industry due to the material characteristics.

Blister Packaging :

Blister Packaging is highly used by pharmaceutical industry, entertainment industry, toy industry, FMCG industries and by electronic industry. Mostly used for small consumer goods and preferred due to its transparency nature. Blister Packaging protects the products from external factors such as humidity, moisture, contamination for extended periods. Pharmaceutical uses blister packaging as it eases out the dosage or serving size. Entertainment and toy industry prefer blister packaging as it allows the product to be visually appealing which ultimately increases sales.

Best Packaging Solutions From SolutionBuggy

SolutionBuggy stands out as a market leader for its compatibility to serve the industry needs. Be it a Packaging industry needs or an Industry looking out for Packaging consultancy, we offer solutions to all needs. Some of the expert solution areas are.

Packaging Material Selection :

Packaging protects the product and retains its durability as well as serves as a market strategy. Our Packaging Consultants offer their expertise in choosing the right material for the product which is also cost-effective.

Packaging Design :

To all the retail products whose market strategy is to appeal visually, outer packaging designers will guide you. The right design for the product also eliminates the risk due to damage to the product. The Packaging Material and the design play a predominant role in protecting the product from any external factors or chemical reactions. It is of utmost importance to seek professional help during these phases of packaging.

Packaging Machinery Selection :

To industries that are into packaging and industries that wish to do in-house packaging for their product, our consultants can help you pick the right machinery. Based on the product, usage and size of the business, our consultants will guide you to buy the most efficient, technologically advanced, eco-friendly and most importantly cost-effective product in the market.

Packaging Industry Set-up :

Packaging Consultants at SolutionBuggy have gained on the ground experience in the Packaging industry. They have also gained expertise and certification which enables them to offer most efficient solutions to industry looking forward to setting up a packaging industry. With infrastructure design, machinery, energy efficiency to production process; they walk you through every phase to make your industry the most successful one.

Packaging Licenses :

Acquiring a license is another important process that would require professional help. An Industry to acquire licenses should have complied with government rules and standards and our Packaging Consultants who are not just familiar with the process rather have expertise can guide you through and help your industry acquire all the licenses. From the industry specific licenses to pollution board licenses, they help you be compliant which gives you a lead among competitors in the market.

Packaging Printing :

Most of the retail stores, pharma products require packaging printing and must be compliant with industry specific labeling. The Food Processing industry must mention the ingredients, nutritional facts and Pharma Industries must mention ingredients and dosage. Similarly, the entertainment industry must mention suitable age groups. Every industry board has their own guidelines with printing and a product meeting all the requirements can be certified. Our Packaging Consultants are much familiar with the industry specific guidelines and can help you get certified as well as use appropriate printing that is visually appealing.


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