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SolutionBuggy is India’s largest manufacturing consulting platform for MSMEs with more than 60,000 industries and 8000 consultants. With more than 770 packaging consultants, SolutionBuggy is one of the top packaging consulting firms in India. We have been awarded as ‘The Most Innovative Platform for MSMEs’ by the Ministry of MSME.


Product packaging plays a significant role in influencing purchase decisions of customers. It is key to attract customers and create better impression about the product. Selecting the right packaging material for your products can really make a big difference in their sales. We help you with your complete packaging requirements right from material selection, design, development to testing.

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Opportunities in the Indian Packaging Industry

Packaging which was conventionally intended to protect the product from damage has grown into an industry of its own. The Indian packaging market is expected to become USD 204.81 billion by 2025, growing at a CAGR of 26.7% over the next five years. Food processing, pharma, FMCG are some of the key sectors contributing to the growth of the market. The demand for packaging in the country is being driven growing population, rising income levels, changing lifestyles, etc. SolutionBuggy’s packaging consultants help you harness potential business opportunities in the Indian packaging industry.

Hire the Best Packaging Consultants

Our packaging consultants come with an average working experience of 18 years. Till date, SolutionBuggy completed more than 270 packaging consulting projects across the country with the help of our vast network of packaging consultants. As one of the top packaging consulting firms in India, we provide you access to the best packaging consultants who can assist you in your complete packaging requirements.

Packaging is an essential process in the supply chain. As the products are moving across the globe, it is crucial to protect them from damage in the supply chain. Export goods require stronger packaging than domestic goods. Further, special attention needs to be given to goods that make it to shelves. Goods that make it to shelves need packaging not just for protection but also for market appeal. It is necessary to make the product on the shelves appealing to the customers in order to attract them and drive sales. Our Packaging Consultants offer innovative packaging solutions to industries allowing them to distinguish their products among other products. Apart from providing innovative and immediate packaging solutions, we also help you implement new packaging strategies for sustainable growth, ensuring long-term gains.

If you planning to start a packaging industry or if looking for packaging solutions for your products, then get help from India’s best packaging consultants from SolutionBuggy.

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Different Types of Packaging Consulting Services

Packaging Material Selection :

Packaging not only protects the product and retains its durability but also helps in marketing strategy. Our packaging consultants helps you in choosing the right packaging material for your product which is both cost-effective and durable.

Packaging Design :

The right design for the product packaging eliminates the risk due to damage to the product. The packaging material and the design play a predominant role in protecting the product from external factors or chemical reactions. It is of utmost importance to seek help from experts during these phases of packaging.

Packaging Machinery Selection :

Our packaging consultants help industries that wish to do in-house packaging for their products in selecting the right machinery. Our experts guide you in buying the most efficient and cost-effective machinery based on the product, usage and size of the product.

Packaging Plant Setup :

Our packaging consultants offer customized solutions to industries looking forward to setting up a packaging plant. They walk you through every phase right from infrastructure design, machinery, energy efficiency to production process, allowing you to succeed in your business.

Packaging Licences :

Acquiring a license is the most important process and would require professional help. For an industry to acquire licenses, it should comply with government rules and standards and our packaging consultants who are not just familiar with the licences but expertise with the entire process can guide you through and help acquire all the licenses. From the industry specific licenses to pollution board regulations, our experts help you be in compliance which gives you a lead among competitors in the market.

Packaging Printing :

Most of the retail stores, pharma products require packaging printing and must be in compliance with industry specific labelling. The food processing industry must mention the ingredients, nutritional facts and pharma Industries must mention ingredients and dosage. Similarly, the entertainment industry must mention suitable age groups. Every industry board has their own guidelines with printing and the products meeting all the requirements can only be certified. Our packaging consultants who are familiar with the industry specific guidelines can help you get certified as well as use appropriate printing that is visually appealing.


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