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About Plastic & Rubber Industry in India

Now-a-days, plastic and rubber are finding applications across a wide range of industries starting agriculture, textile and toys to electronics, automobile and aerospace. Growing urbanization, advancements in technology and rising income levels of people have led to a tremendous increase in the demand for plastic and rubber in the country.

The plastic industry is one of the fast-growing industries and a significant contributor to India’s economy. The plastic industry in India started way back in 1957 with the production of polystyrene and since then made significant progress in terms of diversification of product portfolio. The Indian plastic industry consists of more than 30,000 processing units out of which around 80-95% are SMEs.

India is one of the top plastic exporters in the world, exporting to many countries in Asia, Europe and Africa. Plastic exports from India primarily consists of plastic raw materials, laminates, medical ware, electronic accessories and consumer goods. India exported plastic worth of USD 7.045 billion in the FY20 (till January 2020), with plastic raw materials contributing a share of USD 2.91 billion, plastic sheets, plates and films USD 1.22 billion and packaging materials USD 722.47 million.

India is one of the major players in the rubber industry. India is the largest producer and third-largest consumer of natural rubber in the world. Kerala is the largest producer of rubber in the country, followed by Maharashtra and Punjab. The rubber industry in India is primarily dominated by small and medium scale enterprises.

  • Plastic and rubber are finding applications across industries
  • Growing urbanization is contributing to the increased usage of plastic and rubber
  • India is one of the largest players in the plastic and rubber industry
  • India is one of the top plastic exporters in the world
  • The sector offers tremendous business opportunities to new entrepreneurs
  • The Indian plastic and rubber industry is dominated by MSMEs

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Different Types of Plastic and Rubber Experts We Offer


Plastic Consultant

The usage of plastic has been increasing day by day across several industries such as textile and toys to electronics, automobile aerospace, etc. As plastic usage is increasing, the sector is attracting many entrepreneurs to start plastic manufacturing units. However, starting a plastic manufacturing business is not so easy for new entrepreneurs. Our plastic consultants can guide you in setting up the plastic processing unit by addressing your complete requirements.

  • Plastic usage has been increasing across several industries
  • The sector is attracting several new entrepreneurs
  • But it is not so easy for new entrepreneurs to start plastic manufacturing business
  • Our plastic consultants can help you in setting up plastic manufacturing unit

How Our Plastic and Rubber Consultants Can Help You?

There exist a lot of large players in the Indian rubber and plastic industry, that occupy the major market share. However, the industry is dominated by the presence of micro, small and medium players. Unlike these well-established players that enjoy good financial resources, the MSMEs face numerous challenges in terms of product innovation, R&D, marketing, etc. owing to lack of domain expertise and access to technology.

As one of the top plastic and rubber consulting firm in the country, SolutionBuggy through its network of trusted and verified plastic consultants and rubber consultants in India helps the micro, small and medium scale industries address their challenges and scale new heights. We offer solutions such as market research, product identification, product ideation, plant setup, machinery selection & installation, funding assistance, R&D, technology adoption, sales, marketing, etc. Helping new entrepreneurs successfully start their manufacturing business, we also undertake the complete execution of the project.

Why Choose Us as Your Plastic and Rubber Consulting Services Partner?

The rubber and plastic industry in India provides a plethora of opportunities for new entrepreneurs planning to enter into the manufacturing industry. However, starting a manufacturing plant is not an easy task given the number of challenges involved in starting the manufacturing business.

If you are planning to enter into the rubber and plastic industry, then kindly register with SolutionBuggy and get access to expert plastic and rubber consultants including plastic design consultants, plastic recycling consultants, rubber design consultants, etc. who can help you start your business. Our plastic consultants and rubber consultants come with an average experience of 20 years. Till date, SolutionBuggy has completed more than 500 plastic and rubber consulting projects across the country.

    We offer you highly skilled, experienced, professional, and verified consultants for your business. They are trustworthy and offer insightful advice related to the rubber and plastic industry. With our consultant’s advice, you can find the most effective solutions to your business needs.

    Consultants registered with us are highly qualified. They offer you a variety of expertise, skills, and knowledge in the plastic and rubber industry. With our online platform, you can effortlessly discuss your needs and get valuable advice.

    At Solution Buggy, we have a dedicated team fully responsible to help you find the right consultant. We aim to stand by you from the beginning of your journey until the end. We also ensure that your relationship with our consultants stays beneficial as well as mutual.

    We ensure 100% confidentiality for both the industries and consultants. You can post your requirements confidentially and we will not ask about any of your personal information.

    To search for a consultant all by yourself requires a lot of your time, effort and money. However, at SolutionBuggy, we make it easier for you. In order to hire qualified consultants, you need to register SolutionBuggy and then post your requirements. Once you post your requirements, our consultants will reach out to you. With us, you are not wasting any time. You are simply putting your requirement and we hire the best one for you.

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