Top 10 Manufacturing Business Ideas in India

Manufacturing business ideas

Indian manufacturing industry is a major pillar of the economy, contributing to 18% of the country’s GDP. As per the government reports, the manufacturing industry in India is expected to become USD 1 trillion by 2025. Indian manufacturing sector has so far been successful in attracting FDIs into the country. However, for India to become a global manufacturing hub, emphasis must be placed on encouraging domestic MSMEs and new-generation entrepreneurs to enter into manufacturing.

In the wake of Covid-19 pandemic and recent border tensions with China, there is an increased sentiment among the people of India for indigenous goods manufactured in the country. The government has also announced a detailed action-plan to boost domestic manufacturing in the country by providing incentives to entrepreneurs willing to enter into the manufacturing sector. Considering the positive sentiment for indigenous products in the domestic market, it is the best time for businesses to enter into the manufacturing industry.

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Helping new entrepreneurs in the country enter into the Indian manufacturing industry, we have come up with a list of top 10 profitable manufacturing business ideas in India.

1. Toys ManufacturingToys Manufacturing

India is one of the largest toys markets in the world; however, most of India’s toys demand is being met by imports by China. Realizing the huge demand and shortage of domestic supply, the government of has pushed for indigenous manufacturing of toys. Several state governments such as Karnataka, Gujrat, etc. have also announced setting up toys clusters to provide a leg-up for toys manufacturing in their states.

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2. Sanitizer Manufacturing 

Hand Sanitizer Manufacturing IdeasIndia is one of the most affected countries of coronavirus in the world. The recent Covid-19 outbreak has resulted in huge demand for sanitizers in the country. With growing health awareness among the people, the demand for sanitizers is going to increase in the country. Taking into account India’s huge rural population, the price of the final product can be a deciding factor in the rural markets. Manufacturers must device innovative marketing strategies to educate rural India about the importance of sanitizers in our day to day life.

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3. Mask Manufacturing

Mask Manufacturing Business IdeasMask manufacturing is another niche segment with huge potential for growth in the Post Covid-19 era. The growing air pollution due to heavy vehicle usage and rapid industrialization in the urban areas across the country will also drive the demand for face masks in the country. Apart from normal face masks, surgical masks that are generally used by healthcare professionals is an area with great scope for exports.

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4. Mobile Accessories Manufacturing

Mobile case manufacturing business ideasIndia is one of the largest smartphone markets in the world. With the growing usage of mobiles, the demand for mobile phone accessories is increasing in the country. Mobile accessories include several items such as earphones, mobile covers, screen guards, chargers, dongles, memory cards, batteries, power banks, Bluetooth speakers, etc. Given the presence of a large number of players in the industry, quality plays a very prominent role in the mobile accessories manufacturing business.

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5. Candle Manufacturing

Candle manufacturing businessCandles are one of the few products with evergreen demand in countries like India where majority of the people are involved in religious activities in one way or the other. Candles are used not just in religious activities but also in celebrations, ceremonies, etc. as a symbol of celebration and joy. Apart from the conventional candles, luxurious candles is another product segment with good demand and low competition, that manufacturers can look into.

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6. Textile Manufacturing

Textile business ideasTextile is one of the oldest industries in India. Indian textile industry has huge scope for exports with India currently contributing to a mere 5% in the global textile trade despite being the largest producer of cotton and jute in the world. With an objective to increase India’s share in the global textile trade, the government has recently announced a new brand name and logo for Indian cotton which will be henceforth called as ‘Kasturi Cotton’ in the international market.  This move is expected to help textile manufacturing businesses in the country to get premium prices in the global market.

7. Furniture Manufacturing

Furniture Manufacturing business ideasAs the life standards of people in the country is rising, the demand for furniture has been increasing in India over the past few years. The furniture market in India is expected to register a 5% percent growth in next three years, with foldable furniture contributing to major share of the market. Furniture includes various products such as tables, chairs, cupboards, cots, cabinets, etc. which are essential in every home or office. So, furniture manufacturing is one of the most profitable manufacturing business ideas in India in the years to come.

8. Leather Manufacturing

Leather Manufacturing businessLeather is an essential raw material for various products such as handbags, wallets, footwear, jackets, which are always in demand. With growing middle class and urban population in the country, the demand for these products is going to increase which in turn will increase the demand for leather. So, leather manufacturing is a viable manufacturing business idea.

9. Paper Bag Manufacturing

Paper Bag Manufacturing businessSeveral government authorities at various levels across the country have imposed ban on the usage of plastic bags to minimize the usage of plastic. This has increased the demand for paper and eco-friendly bags in the country dramatically. Paper bag manufacturing is not so difficult process and require minimum capital investment to start the business. Businesses must focus innovative product design and quality to have an edge over peers in the market.

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10. Agarbatti Manufacturing

Agarbatti Manufacturing business ideasAgarbattis are an essential item in majority of the Indian households if not all. Agarbattis are primarily used for devotional purposes. Agarbatti manufacturing is one of the best manufacturing business ideas with low investments as it requires very few raw materials to manufacture agarbattis. The Ministry of MSME has recently announced to setup 10 agarbatti manufacturing clusters and will provide 400 agarbatti making machines which would benefit 5,000 agarbatti making artisans in the country.

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