Top Five Factors to Consider for Successful Food Product Packaging

Factors to Consider Before Food Product Packaging

Product packaging is an important aspect for businesses that manufacture physical products, particularly food products as it not only helps to protect the products during the shipment but also to tell the brand story. In fact, many times it is packaging that determines whether a customer purchases the product or not. If the product is poorly designed, then the chances of customers buying the products are less.

However, unfortunately, not many businesses spend enough time on product packaging owing to lack of awareness about the scope and importance of effective product packaging. Choosing the right kind of packaging material from the wide variety of choices available in the market for packaging as per the unique needs of the businesses is a challenging task. Hence, it is imperative for food businesses to take advice from expert food consultants in order to create a perfect product packaging.

In this context, let us examine some of the key factors that are to be considered before packaging a food product.

  1. Robustness of Packaging Material

While it is true that packaging should be appealing to the customers as it helps in the product promotions, the primary objective of packaging is to protect the product; hence the packaging must be designed to protect the product inside during the storage and transportation. Since replacing the product after the occurrence of damage is costlier, businesses should make a wise choice in terms of better packaging material by seeking the advice of an expert food packaging consultant. So, businesses should choose robust quality packaging material that helps to keep products safe until they reach the end user.

  1. Standard Size, Shape and Design

Businesses are always advised to use the containers of standard size and shape for the packaging of food products because it helps them improve flexibility by enabling better convenience during the storage and transportation of the products. Usage of innovative designs creates a visual impact by making the product standout in a group in the retail stores, which in turn improves brand recognition.

  1. Cost-effectiveness

Optimizing the costs of product packaging helps to minimize overall product cost. Usage of standard sizes and shapes for packaging not only improves the flexibility but also minimize the packaging costs. Latest developments in terms of technology have led to lighter weight and higher performance packaging materials. These advanced materials which require minimum storage facilities help to minimize the storage and transportation costs.

  1. Comprehensive Analysis of Storage and Distribution

Businesses should analyse entire product journey in terms total travelling distance of the shipment, different modes of transportation, different types storage facilities and conditions used at different levels to ensure the safety of products in the transit. Proper understanding and analysis of the journey of the product from the production unit to distribution channels, retail stores and end user  is key to selecting the right kind of packaging material.

  1. Sustainability

Sustainable packaging leads to agreen, clean and safe planet by minimizing the carbon footprint. Sustainable packaging also helps to minimize the cost of packaging by recycling the materials used. Effective product packaging is all about achieving a balance between cost-effectiveness and environmental protection.

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