Food business ideas generated due to changes in consumer behavior

consumer behavior in food industry
The pandemic has impacted virtually all aspects of our lives (economically, socially, and psychologically). Such influencing factors have pushed consumers to change their behavior and adopt a new lifestyle such as social distancing, using hand sanitizer, cashless transactions, consuming immunity-boosting food products, wearing masks, restrictions on travel, etc. Before  COVID-19  market size for small business like hand sanitizer, face masks, and immunity boosters was really small, but the situations helped these business grow bigger.
In a similar way, a lot of new manufacturing business ideas are born and grow up. 
Here in this article, you will get to know about key trends and innovations in the food processing industry due to changes in consumer behavior.
Now we have plenty of best food processing business which meet the new demands of consumers.

Why  Small-scale industries have the upper hand over Large-scale industries due to variations in consumers behaviors?

Small scale industries can quickly adapt to changes in consumer behaviors without wasting the raw material they have already procured and without burning much cash. They can rapidly change their products, marketing strategies,  manufacturing process, specifications of the product according to consumer behaviors and desires.

advantages of small scale industries

Examples of companies that have launched new products  and made changes due to changes in consumer behaviors:

1. Coca Cola:

Coca-Cola has launched  “diet coke” and  “Zero sugar coke”  to get itself in sync with changing preferences of Indian consumers who are becoming more health-conscious.
diet coke
Zero sugar

2. Britannia:

As consumers are preferring millet-based food products, Britannia is now approaching snacking in a healthy way with  Ragi Cookies.


3. Nestle:

As consumers are increasingly moving towards protein foods, Nestle recently launched  Plant  Protein  Bars powered by nuts and peas.

Nestle- SolutionBuggy

4. Kellogg's:

Breakfast cereal category major Kellogg’s is set to expand  its  product  portfolio in India with more Indianised products that are suited to the local people. Last year, the company launched its first-ever Indian breakfast product Kellogg’s Upma for which it received a healthy response.

keloggs solutionbugy

5. Lays:

With people being reluctant to fried chips due to health consciousness, Lays has launched ‘baked chips’ which has garnered great interest in the market.

6. Nescafe :

As  there is  a  Huge  shift  towards   dairy  alternatives, Nescafé Gold launched a range of non-dairy lattes made with almond, oat or coconut, and blended with 100% Arabica coffee beans to create smooth and creamy coffees


7. Kit Kat:

As people are going with Vegan food products, They have launched  Kit Kat V  making plant-based dreams come true.

Here are some of the food  business ideas generated due to changes in consumer behavior.

1. Multigrain Energy Bar :

To replace usual snacks with nutritious snacks, Yoga bar has come up with a “Multi grain  Energy  Bar“.

Yoga bar

2. Idly and dosa batter:

There is a huge demand for ready-to-cook and ready-to-eat food products from people having high income and no time. The company manufactures a range of fresh foods including Idly/Dosa Batter, Parotas, chapatis, curd, and paneer.

Idly dosa batter-SB

3. Plant-based meat products :

As there is huge shift  towards Vegan Foods, Green Dot has introduced  Plant-based meat products.

plant based meat

4. Ready to drink:

Paper Boat does not use artificial coloring or preservatives in its products. The Paper Boat brand aimed to bring back traditional drinks of India into the modern context

Ready to drink

5. Protein cookies:

Due to an increase in food products containing high protein, Sofit has launched Protein cookies.

protine cookies sb

6.Immunity-boosting beverage:

Auric is an immunity-boosting beverage  containing  ashwagandha, Moringa, amla, and coconut water

7.Millet based snacks:

The company aims to develop healthy and tasty snacks and cereals with millets as the core ingredient.

Millet based snacks SB

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Millet based food products, high protein and less fat food products, ready to eat products , immunity boosters and dairy alternatives

The food processing industry in India has a total turnover of around USD 65 billion which includes value added products of around USD 20.6 billion.

The Indian food processing industry accounts for 32 per cent of the country’s total food market, 14 per cent of manufacturing GDP, 13 per cent of India’s exports and six per cent of total industrial investment.

There is unlimited scope for the food processing sector under the SMEs in the domestic as well as the international business areas.

The food processing unit of India’s SMEs account for 31% of the consumption basket of India and will continue to grow in the future times.

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