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About SolutionBuggy

SolutionBuggy is India’s largest manufacturing consulting platform for MSMEs with more than 60,000 industries and 8000 consultants. With more than 1000 food and beverage consultants in India, SolutionBuggy is one of the top beverage consulting firms in India. We have been awarded as ‘The Most Innovative Platform for MSMEs’ by the Ministry of MSME.

What we do

We provide solutions to your complete requirements right from market research, product ideation to plant setup and business development. Our food and beverage industry consultants come with an average experience of 20 years.

Opportunities in the Indian Beverage Industry

India is one of the largest beverage markets in the world. India’s food and beverages market is headed for tremendous growth in the years to come. According to a report by Statista, the food and beverages market in India is expected to reach USD 10,676 million by 2024, growing at a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 14.4% percent between 2020 and 2024. SolutionBuggy’s expert food and beverage consultants help you capture the huge domestic beverage market.

Companies Availed Food Consulting Services

food consultant
food consultants
food industry consultant
Food processing Consultant
food processing consultants

Different Types of Food Industry Experts We Offer

Food Processing ConsultantsFood License ConsultantsFood Safety ConsultantsFood Technology ConsultantsFood Formulation ConsultantsFood Product Development ConsultantsFood Packaging ConsultantsBeverage Consultants

Food Processing Consultants

We have a group of professional and experienced food processing consultants who are highly skilled in their field. Simply register with us to find your best-suited candidate for food processing consultants. We provide food industries access to a wide range of trusted and verified food processing consultants as per your requirements.

  1. Help you identify the product according to your preferences
  2. Provide you the detailed market research for the product selected
  3. Assistance in machinery selection and plant setup
  4. Strategies for and product shelf-life and quality improvement
  5. Digital-enabled marketing strategies for better customer reach
  6. End-to-end assistance in managing the supply chain
Food Processing Consultants
Food Processing Consultants

15+ Years of Experience

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Hire the Best Food and Beverage Consultants

Beverage consultants are experts in the beverage industry who offer advice and expertise to beverage manufacturing businesses. With our professional guidance, businesses can easily overcome their challenges and improvise their output. Beverage consultants can help businesses in the beverage industry achieve better results with minimal investments.

If you are a first-generation entrepreneur planning to start beverage manufacturing business or an existing business facing challenges with your business, then get help from our expert food and beverage consultants. As an expert beverage consulting firm with verified beverage industry consultants...


Market Research
Market Research
Product Development
Product Development
Plant Setup
Plant Setup
Machinery Installation
Machinery Installation
Technology Adoption
Technology Adoption
License & Certifications
License & Certifications
Packaging & Distribution
Packaging & Distribution

How Our Beverage Industry Consultants Can Help You?

Food and beverage industry has taken the central stage in the last decade due to increased consumer demands. New cuisines, dishes, beverages, methods and styles are coming out every day, putting pressure on the food and beverage industry to provide quality, innovative, and varied products. With growing need for innovation, entrepreneurs are looking for ease of production, market appeal, innovative ideas, a leap among competitors and sustainability.

With rising health consciousness among people, increased governmental regulations, growing unsettlement over traceability of the product, the food and beverage Industry is facing numerous barriers. Packing and labelling is a crucial process in the food and beverage industry as it makes the product more appealing to customers. Every business must study the market, understand the market appeal before the packaging and labelling process as this makes the product stand out in the market and more appealing to the consumer.

To overcome these hurdles, food and beverage consultants are need of the hour for businesses. Food and beverage industry consultants can assist businesses with all order of crisis; be it planning and execution phase, production and processing phase, packing and labelling phase or marketing and distribution phase. Food and beverage consultants at SolutionBuggy holding several years of experience in the industry are qualified and certified to offer expert counsel to flourish an industry as well as to originate one.

Different Types of Food and Beverage Consultants We Offer

As the beverage industry is so vast, a single expert consulting the whole process is not always feasible. Therefore, we provide not a single beverage consultant who has familiarity with the whole process, but experts specialized in each process. This has proven to be more effective and efficient for the business to tackle problems. Our food and beverage consulting experts who are specialized in varied business processes can understand and resolve the problems better and can offer streamlined and lucrative solutions that give better results.

Here are different types of beverage consulting experts from SolutionBuggy:

Beverage Development Consultant

Beverage development can be a tedious process without a professional consultant as it requires specific knowledge in various fields right from formulation to feasibility, market research to distribution sample production to recipe finalization. Our beverage development consultant can offer innovative ideas for developing a beverage through market research by analysing customer needs. It is necessary to analyse the consumer behaviour and needs before developing a beverage. Our beverage development consultants offer the best ideas in developing a beverage suited to the needs of the consumer resulting in higher demand and sales.

Happy Eat Food Processing

Solution Buggy is a nice innovative platform connecting industries & consultants. We had multiple projects with the company & been satisfied consultant reaching to multiple industries at different geological locations. Highly recommended to consultancy firms & industries.

Abhishek Nirakhe

Happy Eat Food Processing

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Us as Your Food and Beverage Consulting Partner

Till date, we have successfully completed more than 350 beverage consulting projects. Here are some key points that help us differentiate ourselves from others in the industry.

Time & Cost Savings

Time & Cost Savings

Trusted & Verified Consultants

Trusted & Verified Consultants

Qualified Experts

Qualified Experts

End-to-end Assistance

End-to-end Assistance

Utmost Confidentiality

Utmost Confidentiality

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