Top Five Ways to Ensure Food Safety in Food Processing Industry

Food Safety

Food safety assumes utmost importance for enterprises operating in the food processing industry. Safety of food can have a direct impact on the health of the consumers. Food safety depends on many factors, such as preparing, handling, storing, etc. Food industries should comply with food safety regulations. Any compromise on food safety leads to various foodborne diseases and damages the brand reputation. The recent pandemic has also increased focus on the safety and hygiene of the food products. So, food businesses must prevent food from contaminating and ensure safety till delivered to the end-user.

Here are five simple and proven ways for food businesses to ensure food safety:

Plant Layout

The location of the food processing plant plays a vital role in ensuring the safety of the food. You must make sure that the plant is far away from the areas prone to pollution and contamination. While preparing the plant layout, you should make sure that materials used are durable, easy to clean and maintain, etc. The design and placement of machinery in the plant should facilitates maintenance and cleaning to meet the food safety standards.

Pest Control

Regular cleaning of plant and machinery used for food processing is essential to minimize food contamination. Pests such as mosquitoes, cockroaches, and other insects are the primary means to cause contamination and spread diseases. So you must make sure that plant premises are cleaned, sealed, and inspected so that they are free from pests.

Waste Management

Waste management reduces the accumulation of wastes that attract disease-causing pests and reduces environmental pollution. So it would help if you established suitable facilities to store and dispose of waste produced after processing the food. Food processing industries use many chemicals while processing food products, which may cause environmental pollution. So you must be conscious while choosing the chemicals and choose ones which cause less pollution.

Personal Hygiene

Bacteria can quickly spread through physical contact. So, it would help you if you give more importance to personal hygiene. You must ensure that all the staff members follow safety guidelines such as washing hands regularly, wearing tidy clothes, etc. You should train all the workforce on maintaining personal hygiene and other activities such as pest control, waste management, etc. It helps to ensure food safety.

Safe Packaging, Storage, and Transport

These days, quick and ready-to-eat foods are gaining attraction from people. You should take extra care to neutralize the impact of bacteria on the ready-to-eat foods while storing the food. You can adopt pasteurization techniques to control the safeguard food from micro-organisms. Infrared heating is one of the most preferred pasteurization techniques used by food processing industries.  You should follow safety standards while packaging and transportation food across the supply chain, such as maintaining the prescribed temperature, hygiene levels, etc. so that the food is not contaminated.

Taking into account the importance of food safety, it essential for businesses to get help from food consultants. Moreover, ensuring food safety is not an easy task for businesses, given its comprehensiveness. Food consultants can help food-processing industries ensure the maximum safety of their food products by guiding them at every stage.

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