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Food Packaging Overview

Packaging plays a prominent role in the food and beverage industry. It is imperative on the part of food industries to ensure the safety of the food delivered as the food products directly impact the health of the consumers. Good product packaging helps to ensure the safety of the food products.

Apart from safety, packaging also plays an important role in the sales of a product. It influences the purchase decisions of customers in a big way. Effective packaging helps to easily attract customers and create an impression in them to make the purchase. Product packaging also allows industries to tell their brand story to the customers. Therefore, food and beverage industries need to devise their packaging strategy right.

Why Product Packaging?

Protects the Products
Protects the Products
Attract Customers
Attract Customers
Easy Promotion
Easy Promotion
Differentiate Your Products
Differentiate Your Products

Major Types of Food Packaging

  • Paper packaging is the most widely used packaging technique in the food industry. Paper is a cost-effective product packaging material when compared with other packaging materials such as plastic, glass and metal. Food products such as popcorn, grains, flour, snacks, rice, etc. and beverages such as juices, milk, tea, coffee, etc. are packed using paper.
  • Plastic packaging is another popular packaging technique used in the food industry. Plastic is preferred by many food and beverage companies due to the unique features and benefits it offers. Plastic packaging is more flexible, durable and light weight than paper packaging. Food packaging containers made of plastic are used for packaging of almost every kind of food products like fruits, beverages, grains, snacks, etc.
  • Glass is also used as a packaging material by the food and beverage industries. Glass is preferred due to its inert nature and resistance to moisture. It is majorly used for packaging products with longer shelf-life to preserve them and avoid contamination. Glass is 100% recyclable without any loss in quality or quantity. Beverages like fruit juices, soft drinks, wines etc., are mostly packed using glass material.
  • Metals and alloys are used in food packaging to preserve the food products and enhance their shelf-life. Stainless steel, aluminium and tin are the major metal alloys used for product packaging. Metals are recyclable, durable and heat resistant. However, as metals can react with acidic foods may cause corrosion, resulting in food quality change. Food packaging containers made of metal are mostly in the packaging of beverages.
  • Frozen food packaging is one of the most efficient methods to preserve food products. Properly frozen foods maintain their original flavor, nutritional value, colour and texture. Freezing slows enzyme activity so that many frozen foods, such as meats and many fruits will stay fresh for longer time because microorganisms do not grow at freezer temperature. Frozen food packaging is mainly used in meat processing industries, dairy industry, fruits and vegetables export industries.
  • The increasing health awareness among youths has increased the demand for packaged juices, immunity boosting drinks and health drinks, leading to rapid innovativions in beverage packaging. The global market includes five major packaging types: bottle, can, pouch, carton, etc. Packages are used according to beverages that are served. Alcoholic beverages are served in bottles and cans, whereas non-alcoholic beverages are served in bottles.

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Govt. Initiatives & Schemes

PLI Scheme

An outlay of Rs. 10,900 Crore to enhance domestic manufacturing capabilities and exports

Operation Green (Top to Total)

To help fruits and vegetable growers increase sales and reduce post-harvest losses.


The scheme will provide financial assistance for dairy, meat and animal feed processing industries.


Establishment of mega food parks, integrated cold chain and value added infrastructure, food safety and quality assurance infrastructure, etc.

ODOP Scheme

Identification and promotion of specific food products for each district under the ODOP scheme.

PM Matsya Sampada Yojana

An amount of Rs. 20,050 crores till FY 2024-25 for the sustainable and responsible development of fisheries sector.


Loans at minimum interest for food processing units in designates food parks from NABARD.

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