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Food Safety & Quality Overview

Food safety and quality is an important aspect of food processing. It is crucial to protect consumers from foodborne illnesses such as norovirus, salmonella, clostridium perfringens, campylobacter, etc. Maintaining food safety and quality requires a lot of routines to be followed across the supply chain, from farm to factory to fork.

So, food processing industries must implement safe food handling practices while preparation, handling and storage of food in order to maintain its quality, safety and avoid foodborne diseases. Our food industry experts help food businesses follow safety methods at every stage of the production cycle to ensure the safety and quality of the food products.

Why Food Safety?

Customer Trust
Protect Consumer Health
Less Product Recalls
Less Product Recalls
Brand Value
Better Brand Value
Business Expansion
Customer Retention

How to Ensure Food Safety?

  • The location of the plant and the production line layout have a huge role to play in the safety and quality of the food products. The plant should be far away from pollution and contamination prone areas. Care must be taken while preparing plant and production line layout so that it is easy to clean and maintain the machines and other materials.
  • Pest control is vital to ensure the safety and quality of food products. Pests such as cockroaches and other insects can contaminate the food products. So, the food processing plant, machinery and plant premises must be cleaned to eradicate the pests.
  • Effective management of the waste generated during the processing is key for the safety and quality of the food. So, suitable containers to store the waste should be provided to reduce the accumulation of waste. Appropriate procedures must also be established to store and remove the waste and thereby prevent food contamination.
  • Many kinds of disease causing bacteria and virus can spread through physical contact. Personal hygiene of the staff working in the food processing is very important for the safety of food products manufactured. So, all the workforce in the food processing industry must be trained to follow safety measures in order to ensure personal hygiene.

Companies Availed Food Safety Consulting Services

Govt. Initiatives & Schemes

PLI Scheme

An outlay of Rs. 10,900 Crore to enhance domestic manufacturing capabilities and exports

Operation Green (Top to Total)

To help fruits and vegetable growers increase sales and reduce post-harvest losses.


The scheme will provide financial assistance for dairy, meat and animal feed processing industries.


Establishment of mega food parks, integrated cold chain and value added infrastructure, food safety and quality assurance infrastructure, etc.

ODOP Scheme

Identification and promotion of specific food products for each district under the ODOP scheme.

PM Matsya Sampada Yojana

An amount of Rs. 20,050 crores till FY 2024-25 for the sustainable and responsible development of fisheries sector.


Loans at minimum interest for food processing units in designates food parks from NABARD.

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