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SolutionBuggy is India’s biggest manufacturing platform with 60,000+ industries. We aim to bridge the gap between MSMEs and consultants in the manufacturing industry. Till date, we have successfully completed 1,350+ consulting projects across the country.

Importance of a Freelance Consultant

In today’s market environment, starting and running a company is no less than a roller coaster ride. With growing competition in the market among the companies, the demand for consulting services and freelance consultants is increasing. While well-established companies can have in-house experts who can provide them the required expertise for business growth, small and medium scale enterprises with limited financial resources cannot afford to have in-house consultants. So, most of the MSMEs, if not all, go for freelance and advisory consultants who provide them consulting services as per their requirements.

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Freelance Consultants
Independent Consultants
Freelance consultant
Independent Consultants in India
Freelance Consultants in India

How to Become a Freelance or Independent Consultant?

Freelance consulting has become the most preferred career option for a lot of people in the industry. Consulting enables you to work independently with flexibility and earn a very good amount. Here is how you can become a freelance advisory consultant

The first thing clients look for from a consultant is expertise to address their problems. So, a person deeming to become a freelance consultant should identify his areas of expertise and skill set. Knowledge and skills are acquired over a period of time, and it requires considerable experience to master any skill. So, you should work on mastering your skills so as to address problems in the specific area before pursuing a career as an independent consultant.

In addition to identifying and mastering the existing skills, a consultant should also constantly update himself with a view on the trending skills in the industry and which have demand in the market. Unless you keep on updating yourself, you cannot survive in this disruptive environment.

    Being an authoritative person in your respective field is very important to becoming a successful freelance consultant. So, it is advisable to get certified from a recognized institution. It gives you an edge over others in the market because, as every other industry, the consulting industry is also becoming very competitive.

    For instance, if you are a management consultant, then you can go for CMC certification, a preeminent professional designation in the management consulting space with a variety of speciality areas such as HR, strategic planning, finance, operations, IT, marketing, etc.

    If your area of expertise is financial, then you can go for CFA certification and FRM certification. Charted Financial Analyst (CFA) certification is one of the popular financial certifications, that demonstrates expertise in investment analysis and portfolio management. Financial Risk Manager (FRM) certification is provided by the Global Association of Risk Professionals. It is acknowledged by consulting firms, government agencies, banks, and other financial organizations.

      After identifying and mastering the skills and getting certified in the respective fields, you should go for selecting your target audience. For example, if your expertise lies in the food processing industry, then focus on the customers who are interested in the food industry, rather than trying to provide consulting to all the industries. If you are an expert in marketing and sales, then target the customers looking for marketing and sales experts.

      You should clearly understand the mind-set and pain points of your target customers to effectively address their problems. To clearly understand the mind-set and pain points of the customers first, you have to narrow down your target. So, choosing your target customers appropriately is vital for success as a freelance consultant.

        Building and maintaining a network is important for freelance and independent consultants to succeed. Unlike the big consulting firms that have very good marketing channels, freelance consultants should build their personal brand in the market to get consulting projects.

        There are several ways to build a network in the current world of technology, such as social media, attending business events, featuring in popular print and digital media platforms, etc. Networking helps you get better referrals for consulting. It helps you get proper direction for your business. Proper networking also allows you to build your personal brand in the industry.

        Networking is not something that you can build in a day or two, it requires consistent effort and hard work and is built over time.

          Why SolutionBuggy?

          Having said that, as the MSME sector is largely unorganized, getting timely projects that are relevant to the skill set is quite hard for freelance consultants. SolutionBuggy, by acting as a bridge between consultants and MSMEs, connects both parties. We help businesses get the required expertise to address their technical and business problems while allowing consultants to get consulting projects. Our AI-based platform makes sure that the consultants are notified about the projects as soon as they are posted by the industries.

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          Access to 100 % Verified Projects

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          Brand Building

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          Great team, I appreciate the follow-up they keep up with their customers about each and every detail. Kudos to your initiatives and thanks solution buggy for the regular update.

          Chandrashekhar Pathak

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